America – Freedom to Manipulate

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American solders, we all appreciate what you are doing for this country. But you need to re-evaluate what you are fighting for. You tell us you are fighting for our freedom, freedom from what? We are limited on what we say, and in what we do. We cannot speak about what we believe in regardless of what it is we are saying, well that is not true. We can speak about anything as long as it doesn’t offend any one race, creed, sex or religion, we cannot speak ill of any other country and we DEFINITELY cannot make the government look stupid in their stances about certain things.

The press of all organizations should know the value of freedom of speech as they have fought to use it through history. Now they, the press, have limited everyone’s freedom of speech by hiding true feelings of Americans. Continue reading


Respect another country’s holiday?

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Americans Read this article: California students sent home for wearing American flag t-shirts
Excuse me! What is this country coming to where we American citizens have to respect another country’s holiday and not show our own patriotism? 5 children from a high school in Morgan Hills, CA (Live Oak High School)¬†were told to either turn their t-shirts inside out for the rest of the day or go home resulting in suspensions because, get this they were wearing t-shirts with the American flag on it. They were told that the day (May 5) was Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican holiday and that they needed to not show their patriotism towards their own country on that day¬†because it might offend the Mexicans who were celebrating their own holiday. The boys refused and were sent home with suspensions, GOOD FOR YOU BOYS!!!! Continue reading