Thank You Reggie "Greedy" Bush

Bush League Photos

Let the finger-pointing start now.

Mr. Reggie Bush, on behalf of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes of USC, I would like to personally thank you for destroying at least two years of their football program. The seniors and juniors will not have a chance to make it to the post season because of your greedy little hands. This may even affect enrollment for the next two years at USC as well thanks to you Reggie Bush. So in essence you may have entirely destroyed an institution of higher learning all by yourself.

Now I know people will argue and say “but Reggie Bush wasn’t the only culprit!” This I know, BUT Reggie Bush is the most prominent individual in this illegal activity that took place. He knew damn well what the rules of the NCAA were and are and he still decided to go against them to make himself better off, which benefitted himself and his family. if his family had any kind of dignity or self-worth, they would have talked Reggie Bush out of doing these things. So while you sit on your high horse in your nice house somewhere in Louisiana, a whole football program of young athletes are wondering what they are fighting for each Saturday, but hey lets face it, they aren’t making it to the post season, even if they go undefeated.

But do you REALLY care Reggie Bush, I greatly doubt it, you are making your millions and it seems you could care less. Point in fact, nobody has heard a word from you in regards to the sanctions put forth against USC by the NCAA. BUT! I doubt you would hesitate to speak out if say…. They were to strip you of your Heisman Trophy. Which they SHOULD!!! You performed under false pretense, performed illegal activity and disobeyed NCAA league rules.

I say take away the 2 year suspension of post season and strip Reggie Bush of his Heisman Trophy. The young athletes in USC today should not be punished for an iconic greedy individual who was going against the rules. Punish him instead.

What do you say about that Reggie Bush……. nothing that is what I thought.


Hey Government!! Take care of my kids will ya!

American Dad! (season 1)

Article: Parents demand FCC punish American Dad adult comedy

All this time I have been for a hands off government, what a waste! I should jump on the bandwagon with the lazy and incompetent parents that are demanding that the government sectors take care of their lives and their children.

Supposedly 100,000+ parents called or wrote to the FCC and complained and demanded action against a popular ADULT themed cartoon called “American Dad”, presented by FOX. The complaint is over a non-direct suggestion to masturbate a race horse. The slang terms that the creepy alien used could in no way be comprehended by an adolescent child, unless say…. the parents inform the child of what it means or provides smut to their children in some way. In result of this, the FCC fined FOX, get this, not for the episode but for not delivering requested information fast enough. Continue reading

Governer hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner say…

map showing state positions of labor unions, b...

Meg Whitman says:

I promise to blah blah blah on taxes and resolve the blah blah and take care of blah blah problem. I fully support blah blah. Etc. Etc. Etc….

Steve Poizner says:

I promise no new blah blah, I am 100% on the side of blah blah and I promise to take care of the blahhhh problem. Those ads against me are fully blah blah. Etc. Etc. Etc…

For 18 years I have heard the same B.S. from presidential and governor hopefuls. At first I was listening and saying this or that person is out to make a difference and look what they are promising to do. Well as time went on I realized that these hopefulls were just blowing smoke up every ones asses. They have been telling us citizens what we want to hear and will continue to tell us what we want to hear, until someone steps up and says “STOP THE BULLSHIT PROMISES!!!”  Continue reading