Governer hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner say…

map showing state positions of labor unions, b...

Meg Whitman says:

I promise to blah blah blah on taxes and resolve the blah blah and take care of blah blah problem. I fully support blah blah. Etc. Etc. Etc….

Steve Poizner says:

I promise no new blah blah, I am 100% on the side of blah blah and I promise to take care of the blahhhh problem. Those ads against me are fully blah blah. Etc. Etc. Etc…

For 18 years I have heard the same B.S. from presidential and governor hopefuls. At first I was listening and saying this or that person is out to make a difference and look what they are promising to do. Well as time went on I realized that these hopefulls were just blowing smoke up every ones asses. They have been telling us citizens what we want to hear and will continue to tell us what we want to hear, until someone steps up and says “STOP THE BULLSHIT PROMISES!!!”  We get it already, you are going to stand up on your high horse speaking of how you are going to change this or stop that. But, what we want to hear from you is the truth.

The truth is….. you and most citizens know damn well that it is not you the governor or you the president that runs the country. You are a filler position to make it look like there is some type of structure. People do know the truth about who actually runs the government. Especially the State governments (and especially here in California). It’s the labor unions, special interest groups and those damn politician and legislature positions that run things. Why do you think the state of California is in the toilet? Those groups all want their coffers to be filling to the brim and in order to do that what is their solution? More taxes, more taxes and guess what MORE taxes!!!

Instead of voting to get these powerhouse organizational puppets into office, has anyone thought of trying to battle the powerhouses and knock them down a notch or two. They do not represent the vast majority of citizens of each states nor the USA populous as a whole.

So presidential and governor hopefuls, shut up and fight back to make changes by not listening to the labor unions, special interest groups and political and legislative positions (most of them are 80 year old wrinkled old men that refuse to accept change and are set in their ways). Do what is right for your state and country by doing what the citizens want, they make the country operate not these unions and such. Why not start off by passing a bill stating politician and legislative terms are limited to a small certain number of years and then get them out and hold a vote of the citizens who should take the next term.

Also just stop already with the jib jab bullshit ads saying you support x, y and z and that you are going to put a stop to this or that and that you will not raise taxes. We have all heard this crap before and we all know how it turns out in the end.


One response to “Governer hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner say…

  1. Right on!!! Like you said, everytime I see one of thier commercials all I hear is yada, yada, yada. Same o,same o. Until we get real campaign finance reform, we're always going to get the same old idiots in office. What we really need is a part time state legislature. All they do all year is pass one bill after another, with out any means of paying for them and no intention of enforcing them. Our systems are already over burdened and adding one more law isn't going to accomplish anything. If they really looked at the existing laws already on the books, I bet there are alot of laws that over lap. The main job is to protect the citizens and create a budget and they can't even get those two simple things right. The systems aren't broken, the people running them are.

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