Hey Government!! Take care of my kids will ya!

American Dad! (season 1)

Article: Parents demand FCC punish American Dad adult comedy

All this time I have been for a hands off government, what a waste! I should jump on the bandwagon with the lazy and incompetent parents that are demanding that the government sectors take care of their lives and their children.

Supposedly 100,000+ parents called or wrote to the FCC and complained and demanded action against a popular ADULT themed cartoon called “American Dad”, presented by FOX. The complaint is over a non-direct suggestion to masturbate a race horse. The slang terms that the creepy alien used could in no way be comprehended by an adolescent child, unless say…. the parents inform the child of what it means or provides smut to their children in some way. In result of this, the FCC fined FOX, get this, not for the episode but for not delivering requested information fast enough.

Parents wake up! Are you that illiterate to read the disclaimer at the beginning of the show stating that the show is intended for adult audiences. Knowing that, why is little Johnny sitting his chubby little butt in front of the TV getting ready to watch this show? Or are you too lazy of a parent to care what your children watches until YOU get offended and then YOU want the government to step in to control what is shown on TV? Wake up you pathetic excuses for parents! The government is not here to raise your children, they are your responsibility to raise. If you don’t like what is showing on TV here is a brilliant idea….. TURN THE DAMN CHANNEL!! Besides, after all the time this show has been on the air, you wait until now to complain. Do you not watch the show? They display constantly an “illegal alien” that is a cross dressing homosexual, a father who is an egomaniac (who promotes violence), a sexually deprived wife, an Emo clad daughter and a son who is clearly the most sensible of them all. With all of this happening, you pick this episode to complain. There is a reason why these shows are on after little Johnny’s bed time and that is to keep him away from crap like this.

So lazy, illiterate and careless parents, get off your lazy asses and take control of what your kid watches and stop asking the government to step in when you are too incompetent to control your child’s life. In fact if you are that incompetent, maybe you shouldn’t be having children nor keeping the ones you already have.

Oh and by the way, the thing you dumb ass people do not realize is, that what you are doing when you complain about shows like this is that you are promoting the show, enticing more viewers to watch the show which is increasing their ratings and the demand for such shows.

There is a button on your controller called “channel up” and “channel down”…. use them sometime!


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