What took you so long!

I just finished reading the above article and have come to the conclusion that, there are many bandwagon jumpersĀ in America. Why on earth would someone wait 12 years to come out and say that someone “molested” them. In my humble opinion, if you let it go on after you turned 18, it is not considered molestation, its called homosexuality. And a question for the accuser, you said that after the Catholic Church’s “pray and bob” scandal, you had “bitter emotions” and then after all these years (you were an adult at the time) a new sex scandal has risen in the form of coaches with young boys, did you decide to come out of the closet finally and let everyone know that you were sexually molested by this coach but after awhile you enjoyed it and continued on into your adulthood. Continue reading


Pro Athletes vs True Athletes

I feel it is about time someone slaps the faces of all these athletes that are complaining about risking themselves or “working so hard” for their careers and demanding contracts that are ridiculous in the least. There are other TRUE “athletes” of this country that are the ones that should be demanding compensation for risking their lives and truly enduring the most dangerous working conditions of all.

Lets take a look at the three top sports in America right now and their “athletes”: Continue reading

Sue happy over Happy Meals

Harlem watup

Consumer Affairs Article: Happy Meal Suit

Since when did the USA become a nanny country? These consumer groups are getting way out of hand with there supposed righteous ways of telling businesses what is good for the people. It is a simple supply and demand market out in the fast food world. Maybe if you got off your lazy asses and read books about how business runs instead of finding ways for the government to take care of your kids, you would understand this is the way the public sector works.

This all comes from a consumer group trying to cease all production of a staple of McDonalds that has been in existance for the past 34 years.

Stand up America and fight, this is OUR country, NOT the governments!