Pro Athletes vs True Athletes

I feel it is about time someone slaps the faces of all these athletes that are complaining about risking themselves or “working so hard” for their careers and demanding contracts that are ridiculous in the least. There are other TRUE “athletes” of this country that are the ones that should be demanding compensation for risking their lives and truly enduring the most dangerous working conditions of all.

Lets take a look at the three top sports in America right now and their “athletes”:

Pro Football Players
You “work” and “risk your lives” for a true five months. That includes the preseason of August, and the other 4 months for the 16 games you play. Lets face it, not everyone makes it to the Super Bowl, so I am not considering the extra month. That gives most of you 6 months of pure relaxation, July you begin OTA’s and training camps. Each game you are faced with the possibility of hurting yourself, the ones that use their helmets well you will most likely hurt yourself and rightfully deserve it. How many football players have died in the last decade on the gridiron? In fact how many have died within the last 50 years? And I mean actually during “battle” on the gridiron. I think you will give an answer of, uhhh none. Granted a few have died later resulting from injuries on the field. So tell me again, how you are risking your lives playing football.As well, the top performers (lets face it most of you players wont be in a Nike ad, or make it to SI) you rake in lucrative advertisment deals adding to your already inflated salaries. The median salary within the NFL is a little over $770,000 per year. Rookies make slightly less, and lets face it, not many rookies start so they are getting paid 100’s of thousands of dollars to play football and sit on the bench and keep them warm for the veterans.Pro Baseball Players
Granted you put in more months out of the year than Pro Football Players, but come on now. Making multi-million dollar contracts for what? You start “spring training” in late February, early March, granted regular season is 162 games and goes until, for the bulk of you until October. And you do not play in extreme weather or even rain showers for that matter. Pussies, come on you are athletes shouldnt you be able to adjust to your environment and play on.

Most of you players stand around most of the very long drawn out 3 plus hours during a game watching the daffodils grow on the sod, or snacking on some chew or munching on sunflowers seeds for the bulk of the time. If a team has a great starter, then the outfield might as well take a vacation. There is almost no physical endurance that you need nor pain tolerance, since it is rare any physical contact is made within the sport. That is, unless you are up against a narcoleptic egomaniac massocist that loves beaning batters with balls.

Just like Pro Football, the top performers as well make lucrative advertisement deals adding to your inflated salaries as well. The median salary in 2011 across the board for a Pro Baseball Player was $1,497,011.27 per year. That a whole lot of cash for not doing a whole lot.

Pro Basketball Players
Oh the cream of the crop, in Prima donnas, Pro Basketball Players. Now granted, you play for 9 months, 82 games total. That is alot. But! you do not get off that easy. The average basketball game last approximately 2.5 hours, where about 35% of it is standing around doing nothing, due to freethrows, penalties, your barage of what seems like unlimited timeouts. And granted there are injuries, oh wah wah cry me a river, a broken nose, eye pokes, broken fingers, twisted ankles.

There is a ton of endurance that you need during those 2.5 hours of play, but again like Pro Football, how many players have died on the court, gee let me guess, uhhhh NONE!! More or less they die outside of the court involved in drugs or partying.

Oh and gee look at this, the top performers in the NBA as well make lucrative deals adding to their inflated salaries (highest amongst all three). The median salary in 2010 across the board for a Pro Basketball Player was $5,000,000.00.

So lets take a quick recap of the three “athletes” mentioned above. the all work less than a year, each performance lasts between 2 to 4 hours, and they earn anywhere from the high hundreds of thousand to single digit millions per year.

Oh Yeah!! Let us not forget, they also get to go home to their families, relax in their favorite lazy boys, get full 8 hours of sleep if needed. And if they have a booboo or get the sniffles they get to call in sick.They do not get calls in the middle of the night and hear “Hey XYZ team is challenging us on our field in 20 minutes, Be here or get canned”.

And another thing, they can complain and whine and gripe about their working conditions and salaries usually get their way.

Let us look at the REAL athletes of America!
These athletes “play their games” 365 days a year, most of the time around the clock. They play in the rain, sleet, snow and Death Valley temperature heat waves. They do not get to call a time out if their opponent is rushing them, they do not get half-times to recollect themselves, there are no set times for their games. There is no sick leave, or sit out a quarter because they have a twisted ankle or broken finger. Their opponents have no game plan so their is no way to prepare against them. There is rarely family time and rare times to see their children grow up.

You do not see these athletes staring in commercials because they can hit constant three pointers, or pitch no-hitters or is the star quarterback who thinks he’s a wrestler with a stupid WWF title belt. These athletes are honored during their years with their team but drift off to obscurity when they leave.

The median salary of these athletes with less than 2 years on the team (Pro rookie years) is about $25,081.00. And it gets better, after a long faithful 6 years with their team, a hefty increase of… are you ready for this.. approximately $6,000 is added on to their salary. Wow now a veteran on this team is making a whopping $31,442.00 per year. There are no contracts, no negotiations, no sit outs because the athletes is not getting what they want or think they deserve. They do not have a choice.

By now you must know that these athletes I am referring to are our boys and girls in the US military. These are the true athletes of America on the largest team in America. They are even backed by the richest of all owners the US government. They, not you Pro Ball players, put their lives on the line every single day they play for their team. They have seen comrades fall dead right next to them, they have seen opponents do the same. They endure all obstacles and all conditions to get the job done. They play on whether they are having a bad day, a bad head cold or a sprained wrist. They do not get time to watch their families mature and they do not get to sit and relax in their favorite lazy-boy recliners whenever they feel like. All of this hard work, and the wealthiest owner in American only pays them an incoming teachers wage.

Next time, you so called athletes think you deserve more money because you risk your lives or work “so hard,” I hope someone drags your ass out to a battlefield next to these TRUE athletes to show you what it is really like to risk your lives and work hard. I feel the our boys and girls of the US military should be getting paid the multi-million dollar contracts, not you. They do it because they love their country, why do you do it? Because you love…. money.

Stand up America and fight, this is OUR country, NOT the governments!

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