Support America – Shop at Lowe’s

A typical Lowe's storefront in Santa Clara, Ca...

Reference: Backlash for Lowe’s as ads pulled from Muslim show – Local News – Charlotte, NC –

Really? When has it become wrong for a company to pull advertising or direct their advertising to their proper target demographics? Lowe’s pulled their ads from a TLC show called “All-American Muslims” due to complaints from true Americans. Unfortunately here in California, there is an idiot who wants to boycott Lowe’s for redirecting their advertising to another target demographic. And this idiot is an immigrant and running for State Senate.

Mr. Ted Lieu says that what they did was “un-American.” How so? They have the freedom to target whichever demographic they want, or are you trying to take away all rights from American companies so that other nations can dictate the future of America?  They also have the freedom to listen to their customers demands and make proper adjustments. And when did it become the governments right to demand apologies to other nations and cultures? And have these government officials and consumer groups learned by now that when attention is brought to a company or tv show that their profit increases? So Lowe’s you will actually be thanking Ted Lieu soon for increasing your sales quite soon.

Lowe’s, DO NOT apologize to anyone, it is your right to do as you please in this country as long as no one gets killed or physically hurt. If their emotions get hurt, well boo hoo, get over it and move on. Muslims, your nations attacked us and attack other countries, if you dont want to be known as terrorist dont hide behind a “bible” that preaching love and peace and stop referring to the US as infidels. Government get your damn noses out of coorporate decisions, you can not even run the country, what gives you the idea that you can run a business.

I am calling for a full spending spree at Lowe’s, all real Americans if you have a project at home that needs to get done, dump your money into Lowe’s and support their decision for freedom of speach and freedom of choice, and while you are at it, boycott Ted Lieu and make sure this “un-American” does not get into office.


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