Housing to Non-American citizens

English: Charles Schumer, United States Senato...

US Idiot

This article pissed the hell out of me: Buy a house get a visa? – MSN Real Estate.

So here we have two US Senators, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who think by giving free visas to foreigners who spend at least $500,000 on US real estate, will boost the economy. But wait, do we not have US citizens that want to live the American dream? How on earth would this brain-dead scheme boost the housing market?

Think about this for a second:

Foreigners learn about this great easy way to get into the US (easy access to terrorists anyone?), they start buying real estate. Once homeowners realize that they can sell their residences and run down commercial businesses for exorbitant amounts of money to foreigners, the housing market would sky-rocket due to inflated prices. Now, no American would be able to purchase a home because the prices would be too high. Then cities and towns would be over run by foreigners who leave the residence vacant or rent it at their own discretionary prices (no rent control remember) for 185 days out of the year. On top of that, remember if a foreigner has a child born in the United States, that child is naturally an US citizen, so guess what, now the visas are basically null and void since the parents do not have to leave the country. Since these foreigners were on visa’s and not allowed to work, guess what now they are collecting welfare and other government aid on the US citizens tax tab.

This will NOT solve the housing market issue, it will make the housing market unreachable to any middle-income US families and cause a market where only the rich can live the American dream. You, sir’s, are a bunch of morons.

These two US Senators are the reason why government is failing and the US is failing as a country. So tell me again how this idiotic plan will boost the housing market?


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