TSA Agents running rampant

English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage.

This short little blurb had me shaking my head at the nonsense that goes on at airports now: The Frogmen’s Stupid News- TSA Strikes Again And Again.

While airport security is stripping a wafer-thin 85-year-old lady of her dignity and classifying her as a possible terrorist and accusing a 17-year-old of being a magician who would somehow magically turn a design of a gun on her purse into a true working hand gun, the true terrorist are simply walking right past them and onto airplanes.

The TSA has gotten way out of hand. A little ol’ lady with an implanted defibrillator refused to get x-rayed, so instead simply patting her down, TSA agents strip searched her. What on earth were they gonna find? A zipper on her chest where she could take out the defibrillator and use it externally to shock the airplane staff? A young lady with a design of a gun on her purse was asked to check her purse because the design was considered a replica of a gun. What did they think she was gonna be able to do with it? Wave a magic wand and it magically turns into a fully functional hand gun? What would have happened if she had a tattoo of a gun on her person somewhere, would they have asked her to check herself because that is considered a replica as well.

TSA has gotten way out of hand with their very expansive definition of what is considered a threat to the US. Hey TSA agents, that individual over there, walking through the metal detector with that turban on his head is more of a threat then an 85-year-old lady, or how about that one woman walking past security with a stroller with no child in it that seems more suspicious to me then a girl with a design of a gun.

Get your heads out of your asses and consider the fact that you should be looking at people who have been known to be terrorists and obvious out-of-place things that people are using or doing when going to the terminals.


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