Too much Green Bay love turns fans brain into real Cheesehead


Report: Angry fan allegedly chokes daughter.

I am a passionate NFL fan, I love my team, that regardless of how bad they do I still stick by them, like most fans. I do not like the Green Bay Packers (in fact I despise them), therefore I will try to keep this as non-biased as I can.

Most NFL fans are passionate about their team. They complain about missed calls, or bad calls even. They cheer excessively and brag the day after when their team crushes their opponents. And they sulk and find every excuse for why their team lost miserably,  most of the time it is the refs. However, there is one type of NFL fan that gets under my skin dramatically and that is those damn Cheeseheads. yes I am talking about the Green Bay Packers fans. Granted, your team is good (notice I did not say great, you got beat by Kansas City after all), but your team is not the best there is nor the best there ever will be. The Pack has its flaws, most of them in unseen penalties by the refs (i.e. Offensive holding, and tons of PI’s). But I digress.

I understand the love and passion a fan has towards their beloved team (one that they have no control over), but to love a team so deeply that you would injure your own child over a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs is beyond my comprehension. Either this woman’s Cheesehead wedge was on too tight or her brain has become cheese, because to choke your child and break dishes all because your team lost is ridiculous. Instead of taking out your frustrations on someone else, just because your team lost to a very low ranking team, this woman should have taken out her favorite dildo and abused her pussy instead, that way, she gets her aggression out and at the same time calms herself down and emerges smiling and spent. Now I know Cheeseheads are not the smartest or most logical fans in the NFL (I once heard a group of them refer to Chicago as a state, yes a STATE), but really maintain a bit of dignity when it comes to losing.

The Packers should give this womans child and husband two free tickets to their next game, and prohibit her from going, just to show her that she can’t always get what she wants from life. In a perfect world woman the Packers would have gone 16 – 0 and won the Super Bowl, but this isn’t a perfect world and the Packers are not perfect, far from it actually.


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