Democrats pushing for illegal voting

american (in)justice: since 1492

Read the following, and ponder my thoughts if you will: SC voter ID law blocked by Justice Department – politics – More politics –

I am neither Republican nor Democrat. Yeah, yeah I know what you are going to say… “What the hell are you bitching about, you don’t even vote.” Well all I have to say is, I am not one of those to blame for electing either one of the last two moronic, clueless presidents into office (For those that don’t know, one was Republican[GW], the other Democrat[Obama]). And I say “Nay” to you all who say such, due to the fact that this is America and voting is a right of the American citizens, not a privilege to every Tom, Juan, Akmad, Sally, Lola and Anbar; who is here legally or illegally.

Everywhere you go, do you not have to show proof of who you are? When you apply for a homeowners loan do you not have to whip out your photo identification? When you make a purchase with a credit card, are you not required to show your driver’s license if you are not prestige enough to own a card with your beautiful mug already on the card? When you get pulled over do you not have to supply the bored police officer with proof that you are a licensed driver by photo identification? Then ask yourself this, why do the Democrats not want this law to be upheld in South Carolina? Sure they say that it causes voter suppression by eliminating a majority of the minority groups in that state that do not have any form of photo identification that they are US citizens. Funny though they are not truly targeting the Blacks in this discussion, more so, they are targeting another ethnic group that is largely known for being illegal within the confines of our borders, the Hispanics. Democrats usually resemble your over-weight aunt at a family reunion, standing their with her arms wide open welcoming everyone to come into her arms for all the love and caring in the world. Democrats rely heavily on minority voter turn-out and what better way to get a higher voter turn-out than to allow anyone to vote.

It is my opinion that the Democrats do not want this law enacted because it will prohibit illegal immigrants to vote for them and their constant enhancements of freebies to these voters who did not earn the right for these government handouts, and they are scared that other states will follow suite. Would you rather have voters who vote for a candidate who is passionate and concerned about this great country of ours, or do you prefer to have voters vote for a candidate who is more passionate and concerned about other countries and open and willing to give away our citizens hard-earned tax dollars to the voters that have no rights within this country.

I say, let’s get 26 of the largest states in this country to follow suite, since this is a democratic nation, majority rules and therefore the government (supposedly of the people. for the people and by the people of this great nation) will basically have no power in saying that this law is a suppression tactic of prohibiting illegal aliens from voting


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