Muslims assimilate by celebrating Christmas!

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My faith in immigrants, welcoming the culture and celebrations of this great country of ours, has been enhanced somewhat after reading this article: For Muslims celebrating Christmas, it’s a holiday, not a holy day –

All too often you hear about immigrants being welcome into our country, to just turn around and ignore our cultures, holidays and laws and regulations. They do not consider themselves Americans, they instead consider themselves Mexican-America, Asian-American, African-American, Muslim-American or whatever, you get the picture. We accept these people and they do not want to even learn our language most of the time. If we become a citizen of their country, I am quite sure they expect us to assimilate to their cultures, holidays and laws and regulations. I am getting off target here though.

To hear, or rather read that a Muslim family, who have become American citizens, strongly desire and strive to assimilate into the American culture so much that they go against their religious followings and celebrate a holiday that is (or more so was) a holy day. This Muslim family actually makes me, of all people, stand up and applaud and give them all a huge hug for wanting to literally blend into the American society by joining in our festivities of the wonderful holiday Christmas. This wonderful family is the Traband family. And it is not just this family, according to them, many Muslims in America are doing the same. Their reasoning behind why they are celebrating Christmas, it is not about the religious history of the holiday but the joy and fun it brings to family and friends and they desire to assimilate into America, the country that allowed them to live free. I know some of you would say, “but they are celebrating for the wrong reason, the real reason and the only reason is because of the birth of Jesus Christ…” I do not care, I don’t like religious arguments nor will I defend any one religious group. In today’s America, Christmas has become too commercialized separating itself from the true base meaning of why Christmas is even around.

These immigrants want to assimilate and truly embrace the American way and join in on our American cultures and follow our ways. I say bravo, and who cares about any arguments about going against your religion or beliefs. You are taking the true path of being an American citizen unlike others who come to our country and refuse to speak our language, follow our laws and regulations, accept our holidays (if they so desire) and try not to push theirs on us, or consider themselves one of those hyphenated citizenships, which are just plain stupid. You are in America, get it right therefore you are an… AMERICAN!!! Nothing else.

So again Traband family, thank you for giving hope that immigrants want to assimilate into the American ways. Keep on celebrating and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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