TSA agent protects travelers by confiscating edible bombs to explode his belly

John Pistole, Head Of Transportation and Secur...

Really? Overhead Bin – Frightening frosting? TSA confiscates cupcake.

TSA agents saved yet another citizen from possible gut explosion by confiscating of all things a cupcake… because the frosting looked too much like an explosive gel. This made me laugh hard, because all I can picture is that a typical over-weight, rent-a-cop TSA agent saw this cupcake, his mouth began to water and he decided to come up with some lame excuse as to why the cupcake was a danger to other passengers. I mean honestly have you seen these TSA agents, most are heavy-set, and dress like police officers with an ego to go with it, which here is a news flash, you TSA agent’s are not police officers what so ever. TSA is a corrupt out of control sector of the US government (even one of the creators of the agency said so) and need to be deconstructed and rebuilt with competent and reasonable personnel. I know TSA will probably put me on a watch list for my rants about the TSA, but guess what I don’t give a shit, I do not fly anyways and if I did and got pulled aside for some stupid idiotic reason while a typical resemblance of a terrorist walks right through security I would be pissed and say something, causing not only a strip-search but a full body cavity search of my person, and well I don’t allow that unless they take me to dinner first.

So let’s see, within the past month the TSA agents have strip-searched an 85-year-old woman because she refused to go through the x-ray due to having an internal defibrillator, confiscated a girls purse which had an image of a gun on it, because it could possibly be magically turned into a real gun, and now they confiscated a cupcake because the TSA agent needed that extra 800 calories for their 20,000 calorie diet that is required to keep that 50″ waist line in check. Yeah, you TSA agents and the glorious degenerative ran TSA are really keeping our airways safe, from the terrorists. You know those types, the little old ladies that will kill the pilots then pull out their defibrillator and revive them, the girls that have watched so much Harry Potter that they are capable of magically turning any image of a gun into a real working weapon to take over a plane, and that cupcake, oh the dreaded cupcake bomb capable of blowing up women’s waist lines to abnormal and grotesque sizes, those sizes are only for the TSA agents and they don’t want any competition. Great job TSA.


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