2012 New Year’s Resolutions – #5 Reality Check for Television

Reality Check for Television

I’m guilty of the hidden pleasures of watching people I do not know succeed, get belittled by TV bosses, fights erupting from egotistical self-absorbed divas, and ultimately fail if anything else, as well as a vast majority of boob-tube zombies. On a monthly basis it appears that American television is becoming more of a centrifuge for false advertising and scripting of the self-absorbed glorification of individuals’ lives, properly known as “Reality” shows.

Reality shows have run rampant, whether it be singing, dancing, cooking, survival or simply everyday lives, it seems that every network has at least one of these shows . If it’s not judges and America judging the vocal cords of aspiring singers, evaluating the ninja-like knife skills of a new chef, or the development of dancing skills for a “star”, then its a group of individuals and their desperate attempt to survive in a land where cultures and people have survived for hundreds of year and the worst of all “Reality shows, self-absorbed families of once forgotten movie stars, singers or athletes that are washed up and struggle to find a way to get back into the lime light that they require to make themselves feel important and show the true essence of being an egotistical nightmare. What is next, cartoon reality shows like “Slumming with the Simpsons” or “Fermenting with the Family Guy”, or how about animal reality shows like “Horsing around with the Stallions”, “Keeping up with the K-9’s” or “Trouble at the Tabby’s”.

Those latest were an example of how ridiculous the “Reality” syndication has gotten. The American people are so bored that they base their work schedules, household chores and sleep-times on these false depictions of other families and their issues of love, lust, failure and total y of a family. And because of this, the networks are taking full advantage of boob-tube aficionados lack of exploratory learning that they are pumping out reality shows whichever way you look. The networks have gone so extreme within their false sense of reality, that they have seceded to showing wars on meter maids, wars on hog tying and “real” life families or friends living together attempting to live a life of self-prophecy and  of pure laziness and self-absorption. What these networks are actually doing, if you think about it, is trying to show the normal everyday working class of America that even washed-up and current famous people have their own family and life problems. when in reality those families and friends have attempted and failed at making it into the stardom role through natural talent, and what better way to get into that role then to show what every American wants to see; An individual who cries and whines about every little thing, an individual (mostly the teens and early adulthood ones) that is hand-fed their financial success, and degenerative excuses for why their lives are so difficult.

In the true world, viewers of this fantasy land of reality, the reason these families and degenerates are famous is because you made them famous, you made them rich. Sure it is a great scheme. But if they did not have the millions of viewers each week to pad the pockets of these networks, these “famous” families would be right back where they began before their “regular” life was exposed to the world for all to see. And yet… I hear and read people each day complaining and whining about how the Kardashians are everywhere, or this couples going to get married even though they shouldn’t or housewives being nagging bitches who are only in it for the money, and that their lives are just as hard as everyone elses. Wake up people, these shows are scripted to depict a normal everyday family. Here is a great idea, instead of talking about these shows or even watching them, ignore them and they will eventually go away. They are like the bully in school, he is too centered amongst his own persona and too weak to make it amongst the educated that he picks on everyone. But if you ignore him and he does not get the attention he fathoms he should acquire he will eventually give up and move on.

So, after all this idle banter about reality shows, you can only imagine what this resolution should be. Here it is, for the whole next year, Network television should avoid adding any new Reality shows, any and all current Reality shows that expire this year do not renew for an additional season, keep only the top 2 Reality shows within your delusional fantasy life package of Reality shows, and if a Reality show has more gripes and controversies then good merits towards it, drop that show.

Stay tuned for the countdown of the final 4 New Year’s Resolutions

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