2012 New Year’s Resolutions – #3 Employ America

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Employ America and Offer Incentives for doing so

In America today, jobs are scarce and salaries are ridiculously low. Many US employers use the excuse that Americans do not want to do the jobs they are offering or believe, in their delusional minds, that Americans are not qualified enough to do the job. So what do these employers do? They inconvenience us Americans by giving jobs to foreigners, who lack two essential skills to handle the American public. Without these skills customer support has decreased and their ratings have dropped extensively, yet companies do not care as long as they are making more money by not paying American workers to do the jobs. Not to mention, they are also opening up avenues of national security breaches.

The first skill is the general lack of English-speaking skills to both speak to an American citizen and to comprehend what the average American citizen is saying. George W. Bush Junior once said that foreigners, particularly Middle Easterners spoke perfectly good English. To him of course they did, he is illiterate himself and does not speak proper English himself. To me however, and almost all other American citizens, could not nor cannot understand what these foreigners are saying in their pathetic attempt at the English language. I cannot count how many times I have asked someone from a call-center to repeat what they said, finally giving up and asking to speak to an American representative. I also cannot recount the numerous attempts I have made to explain myself repeatedly to a call-center foreigner about the problem I am having about this or that. Most of the time, they attempt to repeat back to me what I am asking for understanding, yet their feedback is of a completely different nature then what I was originally asking. It’s frustrating to know that these call-centers do not screen their employees for basic English-speaking and comprehension skills.

The second skill is the lack of fundamental troubleshooting with a citizen base that is more educated and more technically inclined then their own skill sets. How many times have you called for technical support on a computer software or hardware issue, or even your internet connection and explained your situation and the foreigner on the other end starts rambling on something from a scripted technical document created by the company they are representing. As a technically advanced person myself, I cannot stand it when I have to repeatedly tell the representative that what they are asking has absolutely nothing to do with my situation, yet they continue to ask absurd questions that only infuriate me more. There have been times when I erupt and tell them to stop following their stupid script and listen to what I am saying.  Instead of hiring some grunts with no common sense to shut up and listen to the customer, these companies should hire individuals that are capable of understanding the work they are doing and dealing with the average American citizen without a script.

All to often you hear about companies outsourcing their labor to foreign countries and all too often you hear about the quality of service and products coming from those outsourcing efforts coming back as sub par. They outsource everything nowadays; call-centers, software development, web design, etc… Think about this for a second, how many American auto makers have had major recalls in the past 10 years versus Foreign auto maker recalls? Within the past 3 years more automobiles have been recalled from Toyota and Honda combined then any American auto maker. So tell me, why are we outsourcing our jobs to countries producing sub par products again? Ah that’s right, it saves the companies money and lines the pockets of the suits in the seats doing nothing but barking orders.

One of the largest outsourcing projects is in software and website development. Many of those development jobs have gone to the Middle East countries due to low prices and “faster” turn-around. Well those trends have changed to where the Middle East is raising development prices and causing slower turnarounds on project. Basically what is happening is that the Middle East is scamming American companies and bilking them for tons of American dollars and in turn returning sub par software and websites. This has caused some companies to pull their projects and go American, and I applaud them. The others however, are simply looking for any way to save money and line the pockets of the owners. It is hilarious when I speak with an American company and hear the complaints they have about a Middle Eastern development firm or developer taking way too long to do a simple project, yet they kept them on the payroll 3 months more than they should have, then they hire and American to do the project and not only did they produce the final product faster but also far succeeded what their expectations. Guess what, the company actually ends up saving money for hiring the American worker.

I do not want to hear that Americans do not want to do these jobs anymore. I believe that Americans are looking for any work they can get and I believe strongly that Americans can and will do a better and more efficient job then foreigners can, any day of the week. Also, I believe that by employing naturally speaking English American citizens, customer service will increase for those companies that do so. As well, companies that outsource for technical positions, within the American talent pool, will see an increase in revenue by having faster turn around and more productive solutions then can be acquired by foreign outsourcing. I have seen it done over and over again.

In order to boost the economy and decrease unemployment of the United States, the government needs to implement a tax incentive program for companies that in-source their positions to American citizens. Sure companies would be paying less taxes into the coffers of America, but the American citizens would be taxed on their salaries and ultimately be spending their salaries within American, which a portion would be going towards sales taxes and such. I believe that having more Americans spending their hard-earned dollars within this country balances the lack of residual tax revenue from companies that receive tax incentives for hiring within the country. To further enhance this idea, give tax penalties to those companies that have high ratios of outsourcing over American citizens employed by them, since less Americans will be acquiring salaries where taxation could occur.

Employ America, give our citizens the jobs that other countries do a lack luster job at, and give the economy a boost by keeping our dollars within our country. Bring back higher quality customer service and production to our lives by hiring Americans, the ONLY employees that can offer quality service, complete English comprehension and troubleshooting skills and ultimately higher quality products. Not to mention, a more economically stable country by keeping the American dollar within the confines of our borders.


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