2012 New Year’s Resolutions – #4 Reinstate the true meaning of freedom

Reinstate the true meaning of freedom

Every day, a soldier is either fighting or dying for it. Every day, the government preaches to us that without these wars we would not have it. It seems however, that everywhere you turn someone or some group is trying to take it away. This entity I am speaking of is our freedoms. One in particular that I want to emphasize is the Freedom of Speech, the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Sure we have the freedom to speak our mind, as long as no one person, culture, religion or other country gets hurts in the process. Society today has become too sensitive to opinions and language. I say, “Screw that bull fucking shit you sensitive fucking pussies!” Instead of evolving and realizing that we are a strong society, we are reverting back to ye ol’ English days of pompous anal retentive fruits that do not know how to take criticism or allow people or businesses to make choices that better themselves. Government has allowed Consumer Groups (FCC) to monitor the lives of its’ citizens to the point where newspapers are limited on what they can print and print from readers, where television has to add those annoying beeps and black out objects due to someone being offended by foul language or body parts, where businesses do not have the right to target their marketing towards the demographics they want. One of the big players in this duct-taped society is the Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC is an independent agency, which should mean they have no basis for levying fines or sanctions on any one individual, group or media outlet. Yet our mighty government is too lazy to do any real hands on work so they outsource to a group of snobby ass, tight-assed people who think they know what is best for everyone. And we as citizens allow this to happen. Society is supposed to be an evolving environment, where people adapt to the environment and adapt to changes around them. Parents today complain to the FCC if a cartoon (which was made for an adult crowd) says anything offensive or uses a double entendre. Really? First off, your little Johnny shouldn’t be up that late watching tv let alone a show that explicitly states that it is meant for mature audiences. And second, why should any one else get involved in your raising of your children? If you allow little Johnny to stay up that late and watch inappropriate things that is your own damn fault and maybe you should be fined or jailed for distributing to the delinquency of minors.

Anyway I digress. In today’s society you hear about people, groups and businesses apologizing for things they have said. Last time I checked the Frist Amendment to the Constitution gave every citizen the freedom to express and freedom of speech in the United States. Why should anyone have to apologize for offending another person, group, culture or country? If that entity that is offended wants an apology, they should apologize to themselves for being weak-minded. These are the people who want to be catered to their whole lives, they are the ones that think someone owes them something, the ones that depend on others hard work and tax dollars to live. But yet those that believe that words do not kill have to apologize for saying someones ass is too big (Michelle Obama), that Lowes shouldn’t pull their ads from a Muslim show because its racist, or that boys from Northern california shouldn’t wear shirts with American flags on them during Cinco de Mayo because it offends the Mexicans. You know what I say, “Fuck all of you who are offended by these actions. We should not have to bow down to any one person, any one group or culture and any other country. Fuck all of you are too weak to let words go in one ear and out the other.”

The boys in uniform put their lives on the line everyday for our freedoms, if that is true then Government of the United States listen up. Prove to us that is what we actually have here in the United States and let us speak freely and openly about whatever we want. Re-enact the true meaning of Freedom Of Speech for 2012.


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