Maher witnessed Tebow Jesusless on eve of his birth

Bill Maher - Caricature

My point exactly: Comedian Bill Maher creates firestorm with profane tweet about Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow – NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN.

This article could not come at a more perfect time for me, right after my last blog for 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for America and its’ citizens in regards of freedom of speech.

It’s the latest craze! Move over planking, owling and horsemaning (or whatever you call it), here comes Tebowing! The stupid phenomenon where Tim Tebow honestly thinks that his savior Jesus Christ helped him throw a touchdown or run the ball into the end zone. I am somewhat religious, but in no way shape or form do I believe for one iota of a second that Jesus took time out of his busy day to come down and hold Tebows’ hand and help him throw a TD pass to a receiver that knows or believes that Tebow through the ball and the receiver used HIS hands to catch the ball and run it in for a TD. Or that Jesus put his feet into Tebows’ feet and ran for some huge yardage into the end zone. I have been watching football, well ever since I can remember liking football, 30 some odd years, and I have never seen a more commercialized action of praising another entity in winning at something, then I have with Tim Tebow.

Bill Maher, an atheist, was purely poking fun of the belief that an unseen entity can be the sole reason someone failed at something. And, if you read between the lines he is stating the obvious that since Tim Tebow did not perform to his magical super ways, does that mean Tebow blamed the devil for his misfortune? No Tebow did not. Why is it that when someone does great they thank Jesus Christ for it, but when they fail you do not hear a word about Jesus Christ whatsoever. And now Christians, I am sorry in my belief one of the worst religious organizations there is (because there are some crazy ass Christians, mostly born again) is calling for a boycott of the Bill Maher show. Excuse me this is America, Bill Maher has every right to say what he wants about a religious entity. For one, he is atheist, he does not believe in God or Jesus Christ, and two he has the freedom to give his opinion on his views. Whats next, do you want him to apologize for what he said, if so shame on you for expecting him to do so. What Bill Maher did was not blasphemy if he doesn’t believe in god or jesus christ you idiots.

Oh and by the way, you wacky Christians you, think about this, you are calling for a boycott of someone who has a cable network show and speaks his mind. Do you think for a second that everyone in America is going to suddenly turn their backs on his show? Hell fucking no, you just gave a very good reason for more people to tune in and hear what he has to say, so HBO should be thanking you all and expecting a huge increase in viewership soon.


2 responses to “Maher witnessed Tebow Jesusless on eve of his birth

  1. With the greatest respect to you can you conceive of the possibly that Tebow may be giving thanks for the opportunity to be in the position he is in? How about his extraordinary talents that allowed him to see his receivers or the goal line and making the move ahead of the opponents?

    When it comes to a person’s personal belief system, especially religion, that ground really is between them and whoever. As for me albeit if he’s praying for thanksgiving, talent, or opportunity really isn’t anyone’s business, don’t you agree?

    Now in all of your intelligentsia why get out and write about it? Doing so simply draws attention to a person of shadowy beliefs, ethics, morals, and values – something I add that has spewed from Mr. Maher’s mouth.

    If one the one hand you’re going to write about America’s notion of “Freedom of Speech” this article used in your writing is not a good example of anything – right or wrong. Sure Maher has the rights to mention something – in a tweet no less – about another person’s beliefs.

    Does it matter whatsoever that the United Atheist Organization has scored millions of dollars from America’s judicial system and for what? It’s worse than welfare, worse than an illegal immigrant holding out his hand for more entitlements; these organizations are now winning judgments against various places that display a nativity scene.

    One more and I’ll be done: Is there any place on your blog or elsewhere that encourages boycotting? Speaking from Arizona’s point of view they had hundreds of huge purveyors boycott them for defending a document you seem so avid about – the U.S. Constitution.

    • @Jon-Paul thank you for your comment. Let me state first and foremost, that there is no hostility in words towards your comments.

      Let me answer your last question first, that is if I read it correctly. You asked if any place, either in my blog or any news article is calling for a boycott of the Bill Maher show, correct. Well if so, within my blog I did state that there is a call to boycott, the article listed did not mention one, however, there are many articles out that are calling for such (e.g. Business Insider). And last but not least for that question, I agree with Arizona attempting to pass laws against illegal immigration, I believe the aggressive stops of suspected illegal’s, to question their immigration status, is over the top though.

      Now on to the core of your comments. Your points are duly noted and merited. I agree fully with your argument about what one person’s belief system is and how they thank those beliefs. But as you stated, it is not anyone’s business, therefore it should be kept out of the media all together, and do you not agree with that? I did not have to draw attention to Bill Maher; the media did that already by posting what he said and writing articles about such. I am just another outlet, where I have no affiliation with any type of news media giving a personal opinion about what I hear and read.

      I am still however trying to comprehend your fourth paragraph however. The article mentions someone’s opinion and that people are saying he was wrong for doing so, and as stated earlier other articles are calling for a boycott. That is trying to impede on someone’s Freedom of Speech. So let me try to see if I understand what is supposed to be considered Freedom of Speech; one can say what they want as long as religion, sex, creed or race or anything about someone’s physical appearance is not spoken about?

      In regards to the UAO, I believe it is ridiculous that anyone would attempt to or even hear someone’s request to take things about god or Jesus out of American culture. “In God We Trust” is what this country was built upon and for someone to have the desire and personal greed to want that removed from American culture is a crime against America itself. I doubt however, that their lawsuits are far worse than the freebies given to illegal immigrants. If you have any valid documentation in regards to that statement then please share them with me, I would love to read up on that.

      Thank you again Jon-Paul for your comments, I hope you keep an interest in my blog in the future.

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