2012 New Year’s Resolution – #2: Abolish Illegal Immigration benefits

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...

Mostly every legal citizen of the United States has at least two things in common. One, either individually or our ancestors immigrated to the United States. And two, either individually or our ancestors assimilated to the cultures, laws and regulations and language spoken here. The purpose to immigrate here was to get away from persecution and the rule of a religious tyranny and to build a better life for ones’ self and the family. In order to be accepted here, one had to commit to assimilating into the culture and taking a vow a celibacy to one and only one country, the United States. Our ancestors left behind a land that they no longer desired and to take an oath of dedication to their new mother land, the United States. These people, our ancestors and you and I, we are called Americans plain and simple.

So why is it that now, blacks, mexicans, chinese and so forth are considering themselves; African-American, Mexican-American, Chinese-American? You are American plain and simple. If you are a legal citizen of this great nation, shut the hell up about calling yourself these ridiculous monikers because you are not any of those, you are an American.

Apologies for the off base rant. And apologies for the focus on one race within this resolution, due to the sheer number of this type of illegal it is only fair to reference this race. Back to the focus of this resolution. So as discussed earlier, immigration once held a special place in everyone’s heart who came over here, they worked hard, they lived within the laws and regulations of this great nation and they tried to fit in by celebrating our holidays and learning our language. So why is it that we are allowing illegal immigrants to run rampant within our borders and take freely whatever they want. They receive free medical, free housing, free food, and now due to the DREAM Act they are going to receive free higher education (please don’t tell me you honestly think these illegals will pay back the loans). And now the government is allowing these illegal aliens to have a say in what the law of the land is. Excuse me, you idiotic, egotistical power-hungry morons on Captiol Hill, the Senate and House of Representative, state senators and the presidency, do you not have a sense of dedication to the United States. These illegal aliens are a plague on our country, a parasite within our communities and a drain on our fiscal well-being. They have NO rights within this land, hence the word ILLEGAL. Therefore, anything and everything they do within our borders is considered illegal. They refuse to assimilate into America and refuse to even attempt to learn our language, instead they expect us to learn their language and follow their rules and holidays and religion. This is America, we tell you what to do, you do not and have no right to tell us what to do, learn our ways or get the fuck out.

These parasites have earned no rights within America, nor have earned any freebies from the government. My parents, your parents, our grandparents and great-grandparents did not work hard for this country and pay into Social Security, medicare and state taxes, only to have illegal pieces of scum come over here and demand that the government pay them. For what? what have you parasitic leeches done for this country? The answer is, nothing, absolutely nothing except try to turn our streets and cities into a replica of your degenerate countries. Did you earn the right to get a student loan to pay for higher education, while middle class American citizens who have worked hard at their studies, but because of their status in America get overlooked for student loans because their parents make too much money? Did you earn the right to receive social security or free medical or unemployment checks from our tax money? Did you earn the right to drive on our streets with your typical air polluting pickup trucks plagued with bull stickers and Mexican flags plastered everywhere? Did you earn the right to tell our American citizens that we have to honor and recognize your holidays and to please not show patriotism towards the United States during those times?
The answer to all of these questions is a big HELL NO!

The only thing you parasitic pieces of festering corpses earned is a kick in the ass and a free ride back to your home country where you can keep up the degenerative and pathetic existences of your homelands. Us Americans do not owe you shit for anything. The US Government thinks that the States should back off and let the Government handle illegal immigration. Well tell you what US Government, when you acquire competent enough individuals in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Presidents seat, ones that actually consider the United States their country and no one else’s and insists on immigration assimalation into America, then and only then should you have any hand in dealing with illegal immigration. The states that are trying to pass laws making it a crime (which it is) to be in their state as an illegal immigrant (hence the moniker ‘illegal’) I applaud you and hope that the Supreme Court considers your laws just and fair for this great nation. The government tries to pacify our anger by saying that these illegals spend their American dollars within our country, uh have you heard any interviews by these illegals who say they spend the money here? No you have not, and what is the most common words out of their mouths; “Puedo enviar mis ganancias de vuelta a casa con mi familia en México” in other words, they send our American dollars back home to their families to be traded in for pesos or whatever their monetary value is back home. The US government is so blind and ignorant to what really goes on, they are only concerned about getting into office and performing actions that benefit themselves, not us nor our country.

Without illegal immigrants pacifying off of our tax dollars, every state would see an increase fiscally, hospitals would see a decrease of non-paying disease ridden ingrates, schools and our children would receive a better education due to teachers focusing on teaching instead of trying to speak to Juan in broken a lackluster attempt of Spanish, stalling education for the English speaking children, and crime would slow down (reality check people, a lot of crime is committed by illegal aliens, they are committing a crime by just being here).

This can go on and on, one day I might find enough time to fully discuss my opinion on illegal immigration, but until that time I will wrap this up.

For 2012, the US Government needs to halt all benefits to anyone within our borders that cannot show valid United States documentation that they are an US citizen. That means no free money, no free aid of any kind, no free money for college and definitely no free will to live on our streets and in our cities. If they cannot prove they are an American citizen, turn them around, place handcuffs on them and kick their asses all the way to the deportation buses and ships and send them on their way back home where they belong. If you want to keep winning your elections by allowing illegal immigrants to vote then so be it, but you will see an ultimate demise of our country and you as an American citizen will have fewer rights than someone here illegally. Fronting the bill now to ship those parasites back home and refuse any further freebies given to them, may be an expense now, but in the long-term, fiscally you will thank me later.

3 responses to “2012 New Year’s Resolution – #2: Abolish Illegal Immigration benefits

  1. Ilegals and the laws they are passing for thier benefit are making citizenship absolutely worthless. Pretty soon the only ones that will have to show I.D. and prove they are suppossed to be here are going to be American citizens. We’re being pushed out of our own country and the politicians are letting it happen.

  2. It is an issue of law, and not of race. If a person is here, without following the proper procedures, they are illegal. It is not a race issue. Those who make it one are only attempting to turn the conversation away from a law issue, because they know they are wrong. Also, not all illegal aliens are bad people, but people who are breaking the law and should be deported. The dems see illegals as future votes, and the RHINOS see them as inexpensive labor. As a country, we need to ask ourselves: Are we a better off as a nation because of illegal immigration? The simple answer is NO!

    • Thank you for your thoughts, I could not agree more. It is hard to speak about illegal immigration without pointing out the vast majority are from Hispanic origins. I understand completely that race is not the issue. You are correct about the Dems seeing them as votes and haha the Rhinos seeing them as inexpensive labor. I see them as a burden, and a disease on our society. If they decide to come over here, they should follow procedures and become a citizen, yet at the same time they need to accept the fact that they should assimilate to our Country, learn our language and not attempt to force their old countries culture and holidays down our throats.

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