4 responses to “Now on TLC, “Pedophiles and Scepters”

  1. I”m so glad to see your blog on this. As you know I blogged the same philosophy and am gobsmacked that others don’t see it or are ignoring it. The true sheeples are the ones who just turn it on and think it’s “sooo cute.” It’s a pedophile’s playground right on the TV. I wonder when the cops bust pedophiles and look in their computers for child porn, if pictures from the show qualify?

  2. What’s really the problem mgregory?
    You feel bad (or guilty) when you watch these shows, because you feel a liitle twinge in your todger when you see all those ‘disgustingly provocative outfits’ the little girlies parade around in?

    As long as none of your 5 daughters go anywhere near this (which from what you’ve said would be impossible), there shouldn’t be anything really that should concern YOU.
    If those “Materialistic Snobby Housewives of the South” are happy to let their kids partake in this type of activity, let them, it’s their business.
    To them (both the moms and the little kids, it is FUN.
    It’s only ‘pornography’ if perceived through the eyes of a PERVERTED mind…

    • I do not feel bad nor guilty, I only watched one episode and was disappointed that TLC would condone this type of event. I do not get a funny feeling anywhere when I saw this. It is simply dumbfounded to know that in the US there is a major problem with child pornography and other exploitations of children and yet this type of event is glorified.

  3. Thanks for replying mgregory.
    I think you’ll find the problem of child-pornography in the US is not as ‘major’ as the misandrous feminist movement have convinced most of the western world to believe.
    Their true agenda is basically to bring down the male gender and they have all but succeeded in doing so, under the guise of ‘child protection’.
    Thanks to their very destructive anti-male propaganda: there is now a virtual Inquistion sweeping the western world, which essentially stigmatizes / demonizes what was once accepted as normative male sexual behaviour…
    The true agenda of the misandrous feminists is to oppress and basically cripple men in all areas of life and they have all but accomplished that goal by inventing new laws, all designed to stigmatize normal, law-abiding and GOOD men such as yourself.
    The way they do this is by re-defining (politically correct) expessions and manipulating language. Such as the term: ‘paedophile’.
    Not very long ago that word meant any adult that had an unnatural sexual preference for PRE-PUBESCENT children. It now means any man (or occassionally woman) who has a sexual interest in POST-pubescent girls – young women. In some states (because they convinced goverments to increase the legal minmum age of consent to 18 years), ‘paedophile’ can now mean any man who is involved in a fully consensual realtionship with a girl 18 years old! And similarly: anyone caught in possession of images of ‘underage’ chilldren (even 18 year olds or worse: 20 something year olds that merely LOOK underage) can now be charged with possessing ‘child pornography’ and sent to prison as ‘paedophiles’ for a minimum of 10 years! BTW those images don’t even have to depict any nudity. Then after they are released from 10 years of being ass raped and beaten daily in their cells by ‘self righteous’ violent criminals they are ostracised by society for their entire lives, because of the feminist inspired and introduced, publicly accessible ‘child sex offender’ registries.
    All that for looking at pictures of not little girls, but young women that no so long ago would have been legally allowed to appear in centerfold spreads of men’s magazines!
    Honestly the ‘major child pornography’ problem in America today is a myth, however it isn’t your fault, you have been hoodwinked by these evil feminists, as have the heads of states throughout western society into believing their destructive agendas and in doing so, have created the paedo-hysteria that is now slowly but surely destroying millions of lives of otherwise fine upsatnding men (not to mention their families) throughout western world nations.
    I am not denying the existence of (REAL) paedophiles, I mean men that have actually raped / molested little kids, they do exist, but they are rare and most likely out of harm’s way in prison anyway.
    You are on the right track by attacking these very exploitative kids programs hosted by channels such as TLC, but I think you are attacking the wrong aspect of the shows.
    You should be attacking the mainly sole-parent (self-centred, feminist) mothers of the little girls for forcing them to do what they are really far too young to even understand, let alone do. Well you did actually attack that, but not as much as you perhaps could have!
    The feminist movement is a truly evil force in today’s world and they do not have the interests of children at heart at all. You even say so yourself, becuase none of them are protesting against this blatant example of child exploitation and ABUSE depicted on these TV shows!
    No, instead they actually encourage it! 99% of the viewing audiences of those shows would be women and many of them would be man-hating feminazis too.
    Be rest assured if the fathers of those kids had even a tiny bit of involvement they would be persecuted (identified as sick perverts or similar) and locked up as paedophiles!
    Those self centred women force their little girls to appear on those ridiculous shows for no other reason other than to bolster their own egos and to glorify themselves at the expense of their daughter’s emotional welfare.
    They are the ones who should be persecuted for true child abuse (NOT however, child sexual abuse).

    There is quite a lot of information relating to the truth about feminism and their false ideologies around the Internet and if you are interested, here are a couple of them:

    Be warned the last link of the 3 above leads to some very intense reading, but unlike the misandry based ‘facts’ spread by the feminist movement: all the 3 websites contain links to real scientific and verifiable references – not just hearsay such as that offered as ‘research’ by feminists.

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