Do you think US courts should allow the use of other countries laws?

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Let’s just bow down to Islam and hand over our country: Appeals court affirms order blocking Oklahoma sharia law ban –

I am not sure if my comprehension of what this article is implying, but when the hell did it become expected for the United States court of law, to honor and take into consideration the laws of other countries. Anyone who believes that the United States should consider the law of another land during a court hearing should be either slapped upside the head and explained in length that this is the United States of America, or kicked out of the country for refusing to follow our laws and our legal system.  We have our own laws and own regulations, we do not bring together law and religion and we do not, nor will not honor or consider any other nations law. How dare these Muslims come to our country and expect us to consider the law of their land. Last time I checked, they were living in our country, therefore they must respect our laws and our constitution and should not expect the laws of their land to apply to any legal matters they will deal with in the United States justice system. Newsflash Muslims, anti-sharia laws are not unconstitutional, since this is the United States of America, the laws that are governed through sharia do not apply within any court of law within our borders.  If you don’t agree with that then, oh well that is not our problem.  I guess you will have to deal with our laws or move back to your own country, I prefer the latter, if you want my opinion.

This is the type of delusional mentality, derived from legal and illegal parasites from other countries, that make me want to call for a full closure of our borders; North, South, East and West. In all fairness, credit is also due to the mentality and deranged lunacy of the Democrat Party that has produced these ways of thinking. The Dem’s think everyone should be welcome, and if they don’t want to learn our language, follow our laws and conform and assimilate to our ways here in the States, then oh well, that is their choice; All of this for a stupid vote. Thank you, the fantasy genius of political powers in the Democrat Party for this invasion onto our land and our country. Listen Democraps, this is the United States of America, stop giving away our country and stop bowing down to other countries. The United States was once a super power, a country where others were afraid to deal with. Now these other countries have the corrupt mentality and egocentric mindset, that they can tell the United States what to do, take anything they want from the hard-working tax payers without doing a single thing and now they want us to follow their countries laws. What is next Dems? Are we going to allow citizens of other countries to run for the presidency now? Or how about allowing their courts to handle crimes committed by their citizens in our country?

Pay close attention, Muslims of America and all other foreigners who are here either legally or parasitical illegally, your laws in your rotting carcase of a country do not and will not ever apply within our borders. If you are not satisfied with that, then here is an idea: Pack your bags, grab all of your “refusing to speak english” relatives that you cram into your house and get on a pla… (planes are not a good idea), get on a boat with a one way ticket and never come back. Our ancestral immigrants came over here to get away from persecution and the tyranny of laws and rule that they found unjust, did you not come over here for the same reasons?


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