No Visa, No License, Towing not our problem

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LAPD is now encouraging illegal driving: No Visa, No License, No Towing: LAPD Changes Its Policy | Fox News Latino.

Please, remind me again what the old adage was about driving in the United States of America? Oh that is right, receiving one’s drivers license and driving is, or shall I emphasize, was a privilege not a right. Receiving in the mail that brand new shiny piece of plastic, with one’s ugly mug shot and all of the information needed to steal someones identity imbedded on the face of it, was the epitome of turning 16 years old. Currently in the state of California, teenagers along with the parents, have to deal with the burden of the law which now does not allow a teenage to acquire a full drivers license until they turn 18 years of age. But, that only applies to legal citizens of the state.

Our good ol’ LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck is “easing” the policy of impounding vehicles in which the driver is unlicensed. His mentality is that it is the right thing to do, that he has to keep it fair for all drivers and keep the roads safe. This police chief is as narcissistic as the politicians that run this run-down bankruptcy bound state of ours. This so called officer of the “law” made a statement in which should raise questions on his competency and dedication to preserving and upholding the law of the United States of America.

the current reality, which is that for a vast number of people, who are a valuable asset to our community and who have very limited resources, their ability to live and work in L.A. is severely limited by their immigration status.

The only reason he is doing this because of pressure from Immigration Rights groups.

Immigration advocacy groups said the old rules disproportionately targeted undocumented immigrants, who are not able to obtain licenses legally in most states

The statements made by these morons, who believe that illegal (not the correct term: undocumented) immigrants are targeted by the current policy, is far from the truth. It targets every Los Angeles citizen, legal and illegal. It just so happens that illegal immigrants, as they say are unable to obtain licenses legally, are the ones that get caught without a valid drivers license. Note the word, illegal, of course you moronic degenerates these illegal immigrants cannot obtain a license, they are here ILLEGALLY! If you logically think about what that term means, is that they cannot our should not receive the same privileges as legal American citizens. Therefore, these parasites should have the vehicle they are driving, taken away and put in jail until the rolling sardine cans come along and ship their parasitic asses back to their home country. As well, if the vehicle these illegals, or anyone for that matter, do not belong to the individual that was caught not driving with a valid license, the owners of these vehicles should be ticketed as well for allowing an unlicensed drivers to operate their vehicle. Unlicensed drivers, illegal immigrants or not, kill hundreds of people a year because of their irrational logic to get behind a wheel, yet when an advocate by the name of Don Rosenberg (whose son was killed at the age of 25 by an unlicensed driver) tries to plead the case of thousands opposed to this new idiotic policy, the police chief and others shoot him down and ignore the pleads to stop the free passes to illegal activity.

This type of lunacy by the police chief, proves that there are no more benefits of being a legal United Stated citizen. What is the purpose of my 17-year-old son getting his license then? I might as well let him drive without a license and if he gets pulled over, oh well, he will simply receive a small slap on the wrist and a ticket and I would simply pick up the vehicle he was driving. On top of this lunacy of giving illegals and invalid drivers freedom to wreak havoc on the roads, there is a blundering of financial loss with this new policy if it takes affect. Police departments are already strapped for budgets, yet they want to take away another source of revenue for the departments by not towing vehicles and impounding them. There is a hefty fee to pay to get the vehicle out of impound along with the fines that go along with driving without a license. This shows that not only is the LAPD not going to “Protect and Serve” the American citizens, but they are also going to wash away supplementary revenue so that they can appease Immigrant Advocacy groups and illegals who think that illegal immigrants should receive the same privileges and benefits as those born in the United States legally.

It’s astonishing to know that the LAPD is always wondering why no one trusts them, maybe it is because they do not protect the innocent, instead they protect the criminals.


One response to “No Visa, No License, Towing not our problem

  1. I wonder if they are going to simply stop giving unlicensed drivers tickets since after all they are the poor and probably won’t pay the ticket in the first place. Besides without a license how does the offiicer know that the “driver” is who they say they are. Who’s to say that these morons won’t just give a fake name since there is no way to check anyway. That’s another source of income down the drain. They probably don’t buy insurance either. If they get into an accident they simply hit and run. The cars are probably not registered in their names to begin with. They say they aren’t criminals. But what else do you call someone who drives illegally using fake names or identities, stolen or fake social security numbers, etc., etc. if not a criminal. Oh wait, I know, a poor, undocumented immigrant. It’s going to get to the point where it will no longer be necessary to be a citizen to get all the rights and privileges that now are only supposed to go to legal residences of this country. They’re making the very idea of citizenship worthless.