Shoot down the California Bullet Train

California Chief Justice Donald Wright (left) ...

He was in idiot then, and he is an idiot now

Think about it, this is already costing the tax payers money: Gov. Jerry Brown enlarges his role in California’s foundering bullet train project – Los Angeles Times.

Every company has them, unfortunately so do the states. I am speaking of those “pet projects” of narcissistic unqualified personnel in power. Most of the time these projects either start out as or turn into a completely bloated boondoggle of a train wreck. The depressing part is, these people of “power” could care less if their “babies” provide any feasible outcome for the greater good of the general population.  Their main intent in these unwanted red-headed stepchild projects is to say that they accomplished something big and leaving behind a legacy. In reality, they are actually causing a misappropriation of much-needed revenue for other needs and in essence leaving behind wasted time and a useless tombstone on their legacy.

California is facing an epic struggle to stop the grandiose boondoggle, in my opinion, of all in the history of California. The initial reports, that were drawn up like a 1st grade drawing assignment in crayon, was just that, a childs fantasy of make-believe to impress its parents and others. A pipe dream of a budget was drawn up for the High-Speed rail estimating cost of somewhere in the vicinity of $43 billion, not including pipe-dreams wishes of outside support from private industry and the US government. Within the past year however, that number became inflated to well above $100 billion. As the padded budgetary report came out, it was stated, that the longer it takes to get this failed project started, the larger the budget it will take to complete it. Along with this, it was stated when reports first came out, it would take twenty years to complete, now Jerry Brown is stating it is a one hundred year project. What a typical politician, compacting findings of a project to get people to jump on board, then inflating the estimates to true facts and expects everyone to stay on board and even more to give support to his stale project.

There are so many issues with this High-Speed rail project and the estimates that have come about with its development that many California citizens along with radio talk show host, such as KFI 640 AM (large advocates for shooting this project down with a nuke), are encouraging voters to put an end to this boondoggle. And frankly I do not blame them.

First off, the budget of this pet project of the degenerate governor’s office was off by at least $160 billion. Astonishing, that figure did not even include maintenance and operation costs. What are they trying to hide here? Above this faux pas, currently this project is already costing Californians an average of $1.67 million a year. This is an assumption however. Seeing that there are 8 board members and 11 executive staff members assigned to this project, and knowing those in board seats in our government, get paid for their usual lying and sitting around with their thumbs up their asses, the $1.67 million is based on averages of their salary classifications. If this is correct, we Californians are spending approximately $139,500 per month total, for this “round-table” of dunce caps for a project that has not happened and most likely will never happen.

Another ludicrous projection that was stated, was that it would help alleviate the traffic in Southern California. I am not sure about the other millions of commuters in Southern California, but the traffic I see goes from East to West in the morning and West to East in the evening. As well, I have never heard of people commuting to Central California, from Southern California, to go to work. For holiday travel, I still do not see the benefits of using this bomb of a project. To fly from LAX to SFO (Los Angeles and San Francisco airports for those who have no idea what those are) takes approximately 1 hour 5 minutes for the shortest flight and costs about $200, and one can drive round trip for about $150, even though it would take up to 8 hours. Granted it would take longer to drive, but personally it is more comfortable to sit in the car listening to the radio loud and speaking openly and freely to passengers. One of the hanging questions about this waste of valuable time and money, is there is not even an estimate on how much a ticket would cost. Presumably, considering the projected cost of it, the state would have to recover those costs by some means, and how do most, if not all companies recover their costs? Of course, they pass it on to their customers. Those same customers, we the citizens of California, who will be taxed higher to support this, would be devastating venture, are faced with an uphill battle with legislation, special interest groups and unions to try to shoot down this project and appropriate that budgetary pocket, meant for this project, to other more needed services, such as education and health care; for the legal citizens of course.

Jerry “Feeding Us Shit” Brown, tried to compare his narcissistic pet project to Abraham Lincoln’s railroad and the Panama Canal. This should show you how naive and ignorant this elected official is. Those projects were build primarily for transporting goods to the different regions of our nation, the human customers were just an added bonus and extra revenue although not much. He also stated , that for his legacy (HA I laugh at that thought, since a legacy is something a hero leaves behind) he does not want to leave the state of California as a Third World country. First off, since when did California become a country (does he need a geography lesson?) and this state would not be and will not be in despair if the legislation and politicians would stop catering to the illegal aliens (undocumented is the same damn thing) letting them live off our tax dollars, getting free health care and higher education; while not putting any of our American dollars back into our system. Jerry “Forcing Unwanted Solutions” Brown needs to come to the realization that if he wants to leave a true legacy, one that will be remembered for years to come, he needs to fix the system, the infrastructure of checks and balances before trying to compete with other countries who have the High-Speed rail and are losing money by using it.

Mr. Brown get off your crapper and do some good for the state not just for your ego.


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