PETA’s bid to free SeaWorld orcas may not get far –

Orca show at Sea World San Diego

Did I miss a jump in evolutionary theory or something: PETA’s bid to free Sea World orcas may not get far –

Call it ignorance or what may you, but to my knowledge the vast majority of PETA loonies are vegetarians or vegans. And from those kind I have personally known, they seem to be a little off their rocker. I presume the lack of true proteins from beef, poultry, fish and milk by products has corrupted the brains and intelligence of PETA participants. I am a proud member of PETA 2.0 (People for Eating Tasty Animals).

PETA is claiming that killer whales are in direct correspondence with the description of the 13th Amendment, claiming that animals are considered people and that they should not be held for slave labor to Sea World. Who cares if they are well fed, live in a clean water world environment away from the waste and sewage that plagues the oceans today.

13th Amendment: (Wikipedia)

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Definitions of conditions: (Wikipedia)


Refers to a person in “debt servitude,” or involuntary servitude tied to the payment of a debt. Compulsion to servitude includes the use of force, the threat of force, or the threat of legal coercion to compel a person to work against his or her will.

Involuntary servitude[15]

Refers to a person held by actual force, threats of force, or threats of legal coercion in a condition of slavery – compulsory service or labor against his or her will. This also includes the condition in which people are compelled to work against their will by a “climate of fear” evoked by the use of force, the threat of force, or the threat of legal coercion (i.e., suffer legal consequences unless compliant with demands made upon them) which is sufficient to compel service against a person’s will. The first U.S. Supreme Court case to uphold the ban against involuntary servitude was Bailey v. Alabama(1911).

Requiring specific performance as a remedy for breach of personal services contracts has been understood to be a form of involuntary servitude.[16]

Forced labor[17]Labor or service obtained by:

  • threats of serious harm or physical restraint;
  • any scheme, plan, or pattern intended to cause a person to believe they would suffer serious harm or physical restraint if they did not perform such labor or services:
  • the abuse or threatened abuse of law or the legal process.

So tell me where in there does it state that a person is classified as any living being, not just the 2 legged type?

It is ironic that PETA is for the ethical and humane treatment of animals, yet are fighting to get trained and dependent orcas released into the wild where they would most likely starve, since they are used to having their food hand delivered to them. Would it be more unethical to release these mammals into the wild to fend for themselves and almost certain demise, then to keep them in a safe environment where there is an abundance of food, clean water and a staff and veterinarians that care for them and their well being? That is like having a family pet dog with you for 5 years then kicking him out of the house to fend for himself on the streets.

The residing judge in this case had the foresight to know what would happen if this lawsuit goes to trial, and hopefully he does the right thing by dismissing the case before it gets into court. Because, if this does get to court, a flood gate would open allowing for numerous other lawsuits to be filed against zoos, policy and military K-9 units and quite possibly even family pets.

PETA members you have more important things to do, like go after poachers and the foreign countries that kill dogs and cats by the hundreds each day for human consumption. While you are at please eat at least the protein from animal meats that are humanly slaughtered to build up the brain power to increase your double digit IQ’s so you will learn what the difference is between a “person” and an “animal”.


4 responses to “PETA’s bid to free SeaWorld orcas may not get far –

  1. Two thoughts here:
    First, other than the taboo that exists in this country against eating certain kinds of meat, what is wrong with people in other countries slaughtering cats and dogs to eat them? The people of this country have a similar taboo against eating horse meat, which means a lot of good protein gets wasted.
    Second, Vegetarian is old Indian word for bad hunter. 😉

    • First 😛 its the way those people slaughter the cats and dogs, just like their driving and manners here in the states, they have no compassion for anything else. And second I LOVE the Indian meaning for Vegetarian, that was absolutely hilarious

  2. If you are upset with the way ‘those people’ slaughter their food, then you might want to get schooled on how the food YOU eat is slaughtered. It’s no different really. We seem to think we’re morally superior, but we’re not.

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