Prankster posing as zombie in video could’ve gotten shot

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Watch the following video and try to understand what is said at the end of the blog.

Zombie dumbass forgets to eat brains

With the cannibalistic events that have occurred in the past few weeks, nerves are obviously on edge in Florida. “Bath Salts” where consumed to turn a man into a human flesh-eating machine, took not just one, but six bullet shots to take him down. There is the “Night of the Living Dead“, “Dawn of the Dead” and the latest and greatest “The Walking Dead“. Zombies, yes they are now a part of everyday society in the minds and eyes of the living.

Yet some foreign idiot decided to run around the streets in Florida, made up like a make-up artist drop out zombie scaring citizens. His grunting and growling sounded realistic, the blood and most of the outfit not realistic even if in the eyes of an observer who was stumbling drunken falling down. The look and actions of the living were classic and quite hilarious. However, the funniest portion of the video was the conclusion, when the “zombie” became confronted by a largely football physique looking Black teenager who wasn’t about to get his grey matter sautéed and devoured. His two steps forward, caused the “zombie” to take three steps back. When the teens smaller friends turned and followed in his foot steps, the laughs blared out as this idiot white moron turned and high-tailed it out of there.

For once in this individuals life, it would have been a pure pleasure to see a fellow Caucasian get his dead ass handed to him by a group of Black men. In fact cheers and hopes were pouring that it would be on the video.

What do you think of his actions and his mind-set?


Thou shalt not judge. Go to Hell!!!

English: The logo of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexua...

Religious nut? Worship an unseen being? Bible thumper? Nope not here, was once forced to plant the padded backside to a wooden pew to worship an entity that may or may not exist. Now stuck in an infinite loop of debate of what came first, the Bible or Evolution?

Knowledge is power and even though questions arise about existence, one thing is certain. Within the bible it is told that according to God, you shall not judge another human being, or something to that effect. Never the less, God said you should not judge another human being. So then why do these Bible thumping, religious self-righteous con artist evangelical preachers insist on telling his or her congregation that the gay, lesbian and transgendered society be burned and discarded as human beings. These whack jobs claim to preach the word of the lord and are doing the lords work. News flash idiots, if you really did know the word of the Lord then you would know that what you are doing is lying, and holding the lords name in vain. Thought, are these actions not against some of the 10 commandments?

Do not judge another human being if you yourself, are not perfect. And no human being is.