Thou shalt not judge. Go to Hell!!!

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Religious nut? Worship an unseen being? Bible thumper? Nope not here, was once forced to plant the padded backside to a wooden pew to worship an entity that may or may not exist. Now stuck in an infinite loop of debate of what came first, the Bible or Evolution?

Knowledge is power and even though questions arise about existence, one thing is certain. Within the bible it is told that according to God, you shall not judge another human being, or something to that effect. Never the less, God said you should not judge another human being. So then why do these Bible thumping, religious self-righteous con artist evangelical preachers insist on telling his or her congregation that the gay, lesbian and transgendered society be burned and discarded as human beings. These whack jobs claim to preach the word of the lord and are doing the lords work. News flash idiots, if you really did know the word of the Lord then you would know that what you are doing is lying, and holding the lords name in vain. Thought, are these actions not against some of the 10 commandments?

Do not judge another human being if you yourself, are not perfect. And no human being is.


5 responses to “Thou shalt not judge. Go to Hell!!!

  1. It is obvious by your comments that you did not even read my article. I did not judge, nor does God. Of course, if you had read the article, you would have known that.

    Now, let’s see if you have the nerve to leave this comment without editing it.

    You know, the God whom you rail against died on the cross in order to pay the price for my sins, just as He did for yours. There is no difference between us, and I am far from perfect, even as I suspect you are.

    But the point is, there is no condemnation from God, your sins are forgiven, and there is no condemnation from me either.

    God’s greatest wish is to be reconciled with you, why not accomodate Him?

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for responding to the blog. Actually and honestly, the blog was not in reference to your blog at all. I supplied a link from my blog to yours so others can read what other bloggers like yourself have to say. I am a firm believer in allowing every individual believe in what they feel like believing in. I do not judge as I am not perfect myself.

      And just so you know, I will never edit a comment nor delete one unless it contains illegal content or spam. I believe in freedom of expression and I truly appreciate your response.

    • John, not only do I believe in freedom of speech and beliefs, I also believe in not feeling obligated to apologize for something one believes in. You took offense to my words regardless of assumptions made or not, because of your beliefs and faith. You had every right to defend those things you hold dear. So there is no need to apologize for such actions. Kindness holds out a hand and accepts the apology, however again no need to apologize.

      • Thank you for your gracious acceptance.

        As I said in reply to your most recent post on my blog, I also look forward to a peaceful debate with you in the future, no matter the subject matter.

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