About American Ignorance

america in a nutshell / they're all nuts

America’s 2012 New Years Resolutions

This is the rants and raves of a hard-working American citizen, who is witnessing the demise of his country. The true foundation of what this country was built upon has crumbled.  I am neither a racist nor bigoted, religious or athiest, but I am an American, open to all cultural avenues but will not put aside the American ways for others. I am not politically correct nor do I believe that anyone should be forced to be such. I am open-minded and take criticism and opinions with an open heart. Do not be afraid to respond to what you read.

Ignorantly, we have allowed the law of the land dictate to us that those individuals who make a higher income than the average American; pro athletes, movie stars, politicians and foreign dignitaries are above the law and special consideration is given to those individuals. We have allowed foreign immigrants to come to our country without the requirement of assimilating to our beliefs, our culture, our laws, ethics and morals. We allow our politicians to pass laws and award contracts to better themselves not our States and definitely not the general public. We have allowed our holidays, fall by the wayside to make room for other countries holidays.

If you think my writing will follow the “norm” of today in terms of being “politically correct,” then you will be sadly mistaken. I believe in the freedom of speech, I believe that every man, woman and child assimilated into this country should be heard. I believe that this country should revert back to its’ original plan of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” The American citizens have become ignorant to society around them, open the eyes of the blind and what was once hidden is now visible in reality.

What is wrong with society today in America? Follow along as news from within our homeland and around the globe is spoken with open mind, open tongue, as you will definitely get upset, you will laugh at the ignorance, you will think and you will stand up for the American citizen.


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