Why are criminals fighting to be laywers?

U.S. News – Can an illegal immigrant become a lawyer?.

Jose Manuel Godinez-Samperi

Political correctness is disregarded herein after. Why is it that Florida, the geriatric, capital of the US is the host of some of the most insane occurrences in the United States? They had

Casey Anthony, the murderer of her young daughter (Yes she murdered her daughter, I said it so what), then they have the Trayvon Martin case who was murdered in cold-blood by a wanna be cop (George Zimmerman) who is using the most insanely idiotic law of self-preservation I have ever heard (Stand your ground) and now an illegal immigrant, Jose Manuel Godinez-Samperio, mind you whom is breaking the law, is fighting to become a lawyer in the United States.

Oddly enough as it seems, that an illegal wants to become a lawyer and uphold the law of the land, that of which he is clearly breaking, the screwed up rotting brains of the decrepid geezers of the Florida Supreme Court are actually going to look into whether or not this illegal has the right to practice law in the US. Hey old gas-passers, here is the quick answer for you, “No, he is breaking the law already, so how can someone who is breaking the law be capable of defending the law.” Who cares if he was brought here by his illegal alien parents, he is still an illegal and should have no rights to become a lawyer, let alone should have been allowed to go to schools, get a law degree in an US university (without a green card or visa) and should definitely not be living here.

If this illegal scum wins his case, can you just imagine the consequences it would have on the legal system and the floodgates of illegals thinking they can sue to work here, get free aid and do what they please, all while breaking the law. This piece of Mexican trash is going to do one thing and one thing only if he wins, and that is fight and tie up the legal systems with frivolous lawsuits for illegal immigrants. I would say that any other state would look at his claim and laugh it off and tell him to leave. Oh contraire, where I live (The good ol’ safe haven for illegal aliens, California) the idiots in our Supreme Court would not only consider it, but also take him to lunch, wine and dine and find out what more he desires. Then Tony Villar (that is the male form of the name of LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) would take him on the Long Beach Yacht that is wasting tax payers dollars (yes it is a yacht you illiterate dumbo-eared poor excuse for a mayor), and offer him a key to the city along with all of the free perks he desires. So Florida and California in this writers opinions are the worse places to be an American citizen, because here, the illegal pieces of trash from Mexico and any other degenerated country have more rights in these two states then naturally born citizens.

How can someone who is breaking the law even be considered for a law practice in the United States, if they are breaking the law already? Isn’t that like giving a bank robber a job at the National Treasury? Why can they be trusted to uphold law-abiding employment and trust when they are criminals.

What are your thoughts? Should Jose Manuel Godinez-Samperio be allowed to practice law in the United States, and explain your thoughts.

2012 New Year’s Resolution – #2: Abolish Illegal Immigration benefits

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...

Mostly every legal citizen of the United States has at least two things in common. One, either individually or our ancestors immigrated to the United States. And two, either individually or our ancestors assimilated to the cultures, laws and regulations and language spoken here. The purpose to immigrate here was to get away from persecution and the rule of a religious tyranny and to build a better life for ones’ self and the family. In order to be accepted here, one had to commit to assimilating into the culture and taking a vow a celibacy to one and only one country, the United States. Our ancestors left behind a land that they no longer desired and to take an oath of dedication to their new mother land, the United States. These people, our ancestors and you and I, we are called Americans plain and simple.

So why is it that now, blacks, mexicans, chinese and so forth are considering themselves; African-American, Mexican-American, Chinese-American? You are American plain and simple. If you are a legal citizen of this great nation, shut the hell up about calling yourself these ridiculous monikers because you are not any of those, you are an American.

Apologies for the off base rant. And apologies for the focus on one race within this resolution, due to the sheer number of this type of illegal it is only fair to reference this race. Back to the focus of this resolution. Continue reading

Thank You Reggie "Greedy" Bush

Bush League Photos

Let the finger-pointing start now.

Mr. Reggie Bush, on behalf of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes of USC, I would like to personally thank you for destroying at least two years of their football program. The seniors and juniors will not have a chance to make it to the post season because of your greedy little hands. This may even affect enrollment for the next two years at USC as well thanks to you Reggie Bush. So in essence you may have entirely destroyed an institution of higher learning all by yourself.

Now I know people will argue and say “but Reggie Bush wasn’t the only culprit!” This I know, BUT Reggie Bush is the most prominent individual in this illegal activity that took place. He knew damn well what the rules of the NCAA were and are and he still decided to go against them to make himself better off, which benefitted himself and his family. if his family had any kind of dignity or self-worth, they would have talked Reggie Bush out of doing these things. So while you sit on your high horse in your nice house somewhere in Louisiana, a whole football program of young athletes are wondering what they are fighting for each Saturday, but hey lets face it, they aren’t making it to the post season, even if they go undefeated.

But do you REALLY care Reggie Bush, I greatly doubt it, you are making your millions and it seems you could care less. Point in fact, nobody has heard a word from you in regards to the sanctions put forth against USC by the NCAA. BUT! I doubt you would hesitate to speak out if say…. They were to strip you of your Heisman Trophy. Which they SHOULD!!! You performed under false pretense, performed illegal activity and disobeyed NCAA league rules.

I say take away the 2 year suspension of post season and strip Reggie Bush of his Heisman Trophy. The young athletes in USC today should not be punished for an iconic greedy individual who was going against the rules. Punish him instead.

What do you say about that Reggie Bush……. nothing that is what I thought.