Milking mammary mayhem at Target

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Now this is a true meaning of Freedom of Expression: TODAYMoms – Got milk? Target does! Readers share stories from the Target nurse-in.

I cannot believe that there are people who are still so anal retentive conservative prudes. Feeding ones child is a natural human thing to do and yet we still have individuals who think that a momma’s mammaries should be kept under wraps regardless if her screaming child is hungry or not. These are the same individuals who believe that the Statue of David is repulsive and should be destroyed because it shows his penis. That is art people, and breast-feeding a child is nature; two things that you cannot stop.

As for me, I say all you moms with breast-feeding babies in the world, feel free to breast feed any time and any place. But on one condition, if you believe people should not be offended by you breast-feeding your child in public, then you should not be offended by a man trying to catch a glimpse or staring even at the site of your heavy milk engorged jugs. Both are natural things humans do, woman need to feed their babies and men have a deep recessive need to look at beautiful plump breasts. Regardless of the sexual nature I am conjuring up here, I still applaud these women for what they did and will still continue to do and that is being a mother to a child, one of the hardest jobs in the world.


TSA agent protects travelers by confiscating edible bombs to explode his belly

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Really? Overhead Bin – Frightening frosting? TSA confiscates cupcake.

TSA agents saved yet another citizen from possible gut explosion by confiscating of all things a cupcake… because the frosting looked too much like an explosive gel. This made me laugh hard, because all I can picture is that a typical over-weight, rent-a-cop TSA agent saw this cupcake, his mouth began to water and he decided to come up with some lame excuse as to why the cupcake was a danger to other passengers. I mean honestly have you seen these TSA agents, most are heavy-set, and dress like police officers with an ego to go with it, which here is a news flash, you TSA agent’s are not police officers what so ever. TSA is a corrupt out of control sector of the US government Continue reading

Sue happy over Happy Meals

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Consumer Affairs Article: Happy Meal Suit

Since when did the USA become a nanny country? These consumer groups are getting way out of hand with there supposed righteous ways of telling businesses what is good for the people. It is a simple supply and demand market out in the fast food world. Maybe if you got off your lazy asses and read books about how business runs instead of finding ways for the government to take care of your kids, you would understand this is the way the public sector works.

This all comes from a consumer group trying to cease all production of a staple of McDonalds that has been in existance for the past 34 years.

Stand up America and fight, this is OUR country, NOT the governments!