TSA agent protects travelers by confiscating edible bombs to explode his belly

John Pistole, Head Of Transportation and Secur...

Really? Overhead Bin – Frightening frosting? TSA confiscates cupcake.

TSA agents saved yet another citizen from possible gut explosion by confiscating of all things a cupcake… because the frosting looked too much like an explosive gel. This made me laugh hard, because all I can picture is that a typical over-weight, rent-a-cop TSA agent saw this cupcake, his mouth began to water and he decided to come up with some lame excuse as to why the cupcake was a danger to other passengers. I mean honestly have you seen these TSA agents, most are heavy-set, and dress like police officers with an ego to go with it, which here is a news flash, you TSA agent’s are not police officers what so ever. TSA is a corrupt out of control sector of the US government Continue reading


TSA Agents running rampant

English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage.

This short little blurb had me shaking my head at the nonsense that goes on at airports now: The Frogmen’s Stupid News- TSA Strikes Again And Again.

While airport security is stripping a wafer-thin 85-year-old lady of her dignity and classifying her as a possible terrorist and accusing a 17-year-old of being a magician who would somehow magically turn a design of a gun on her purse into a true working hand gun, the true terrorist are simply walking right past them and onto airplanes.

The TSA has gotten way out of hand. Continue reading