Prankster posing as zombie in video could’ve gotten shot

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Watch the following video and try to understand what is said at the end of the blog.

Zombie dumbass forgets to eat brains

With the cannibalistic events that have occurred in the past few weeks, nerves are obviously on edge in Florida. “Bath Salts” where consumed to turn a man into a human flesh-eating machine, took not just one, but six bullet shots to take him down. There is the “Night of the Living Dead“, “Dawn of the Dead” and the latest and greatest “The Walking Dead“. Zombies, yes they are now a part of everyday society in the minds and eyes of the living.

Yet some foreign idiot decided to run around the streets in Florida, made up like a make-up artist drop out zombie scaring citizens. His grunting and growling sounded realistic, the blood and most of the outfit not realistic even if in the eyes of an observer who was stumbling drunken falling down. The look and actions of the living were classic and quite hilarious. However, the funniest portion of the video was the conclusion, when the “zombie” became confronted by a largely football physique looking Black teenager who wasn’t about to get his grey matter sautéed and devoured. His two steps forward, caused the “zombie” to take three steps back. When the teens smaller friends turned and followed in his foot steps, the laughs blared out as this idiot white moron turned and high-tailed it out of there.

For once in this individuals life, it would have been a pure pleasure to see a fellow Caucasian get his dead ass handed to him by a group of Black men. In fact cheers and hopes were pouring that it would be on the video.

What do you think of his actions and his mind-set?


2012 New Year’s Resolutions – #5 Reality Check for Television

Reality Check for Television

I’m guilty of the hidden pleasures of watching people I do not know succeed, get belittled by TV bosses, fights erupting from egotistical self-absorbed divas, and ultimately fail if anything else, as well as a vast majority of boob-tube zombies. On a monthly basis it appears that American television is becoming more of a centrifuge for false advertising and scripting of the self-absorbed glorification of individuals’ lives, properly known as “Reality” shows.

Reality shows have run rampant, whether it be singing, dancing, cooking, survival or simply everyday lives, it seems that every network has at least one of these shows . If it’s not judges and America judging the vocal cords of aspiring singers, evaluating the ninja-like knife skills of a new chef, or the development of dancing skills for a “star”, then its a group of individuals and their desperate attempt to survive in a land where cultures and people have survived for hundreds of year and the worst of all “Reality shows, self-absorbed families of once forgotten movie stars, singers or athletes that are washed up and struggle to find a way to get back into the lime light that they require to make themselves feel important and show the true essence of being an egotistical nightmare. Continue reading

2012 New Year’s resolutions – For America and its’ citizens

English: New Year's Resolutions postcard

Every year, millions make them and the same ignore them. It is that time of year again where the idle banter around the water cooler, the chit-chat between friends and family, focus in on what is to improve upon, courses to be altered and lives to change. I am speaking of the promises made to ourselves every New Year, called resolutions. Some want to lose their spare tire, others want to get out of their financial hole and others want to change the world.

For the next 5 days, I will be delivering to you a count-down of new New Years resolutions that America and its citizens should make as a collective group to better our nation. Follow along and feel free to banter your insights and comments, and if you feel you have a resolution that should make it to the list let me know and if it is better than one of mine I will focus in on that one for a particular day.