Tax dollars wasted on a terrorist



Let us take a few notes for a second…

  1. The United States does not negotiate with terrorist, even if US citizens lives are at risk.
  2. Our soldiers cannot fire at an enemy even if that enemy fired first without a direct order to do so.
  3. And our tax dollars are being used to keep a known Muslim terrorist, who has been confirmed to be parts in attacks within our borders, in prison for the rest of his “blind” pathetic life…

Here is the article:

Wait, do you want that last one repeated? Ok sure. The United States tax payers are footing the bill to keep a known Muslim terrorist, also known as the “Blind Sheik”, within prison for life, for acts of terrorism while he was within the borders of the United States. This putrid excuse for a human should be taken out to a landfill, stripped barefoot and naked, have 20 naked beautiful virgin women dancing in front of him, then shot in the wasted space between his skull with a double barrel shotgun. Let’s see, instead of the US tax payers spending millions of dollars for the next 20 some odd years to keep this Camel turd alive, the total bill would be somewhere in the ball park of $2500. That is $100 a piece for the dancing-girls, $450 for the double barrel shotgun and $50 for the two shotgun shells. There will be no disposal fee since his small puny brain matter along with the rest of his wasted body will stay at the landfill. And just to throw salt into the wounds of his family and his beloved Allah, take pictures of the entire event and post them on every social media available.

Why the hell does the US government insist on keeping this useless Rag head alive? You want to know why? Because the US government is too sensitive along with half the people in this country who think that everyone should have the right to live even if they have no concern for the American citizens and want to destroy America. It is yet to be heard of any balls dropping from any pathetic politician including the President and take charge and actually show that they care more about American citizens than any other country.

Tax dollars need to be spent on productive and gainful means to better the American citizens and our country, NOT to keep some terrorist alive because the death penalty is “too inhumane.”



Pshhh! I scoff at your pathetic laws

Summer's End. Lexington Green, 11 September 20...

Summer’s End. Lexington Green, 11 September 2002. Photo taken in Minute Man National Historical Park. Sculpture : “Minuteman” by sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson (1863-1947), dedicated April 19, 1900. Erected 1899 : SIRIS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gun Control

Those two words have run rampant in the past year and will continue, as mass shootings have taken place throughout the United States.  The individuals who are committing these heinous crimes are in pure form, criminals.

Ladies and gentlemen, criminals are the lowest forms of wasted space within our confines of the United States. They are rejected specimens of society based on their inability to function, to follow rules and to exist amongst regular members of society. And lest they refuse to obey by the laws.

With that being said, who and what gives the government any idea that by passing stricter gun laws it will help reduce the crimes of shooting someone. The President and Vice-President along with the other monkeys of congress can run their gums all they want and come up with idiotic and senseless laws that will restrict the sane gun owners from acquiring firearms. However, since criminals do not follow laws nor care if they even exist, why would the government think that these tougher laws will make it harder for these crimes to exist.

What the members of government needs is a good strong open-handed slap upside the head to wake them from their fantasy ego power trips thinking that their “tougher” laws will solve the issues. Criminals find ways to acquire the tools they need.  Since the government is too lazy to enforce the rules that are already in place and too stupid to stop coming up with clueless and treasonist acts of giving weapons to terrorists and drug lords (Fast and Furious ring a bell), the putrid existence of human flesh we call criminals will continue their onslaught of killing innocent US citizens and in essence will be backed by the government.

On a side note, Nancy Pelosi its the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, not the 1st, you moronic pretentious plastic waste of a government chair. Sit down, shut up and let your husband make the money. You have no right to be in any office of the government.

With tougher gun control laws, comes a hidden agenda of actually controlling the US citizens and limiting their powers of freedom. Criminals in any sense of the form should have no freedoms nor existence even though they will continue to get away with murder… literally.

Los Angeles Moron Tony Villar’s endorsement of parking


Parking In Downtown LA: LA Express Park Will Alter Parking Rates Based On Demand (VIDEOS).

The moronic manaicle mayor of Los Angeles, Tony Villar, has no common logistical sense what-so-ever.  A parking system that uses overhead displays on the streets and SmartPhone Apps to tell drivers where nearest parking spaces are, in the already condensed chaos of confusion called Downtown LA is simply stupid. They want to get rid of all distractions while us drivers are behind the wheel, yet they are so densely consumed by their own greed that even though you should not be driving while distracted it is ok in this instance since the city wants to make more money for the numerous corruption projects that they have going.

Oh wait, according to the moron mayor, instead of using your SmartPhone Parking System App while driving he says to pull over and use it to find the best parking space. Tony Villar you truly are an ignorant unqualified excuse for a suit. We all know you do not drive yourself around town and have no worries finding a parking space, but have you ever tried driving downtown during rush hour or on a busy weekend, let alone try to pull over and stop if you are attempting to find something. The answer to that, is most likely an overwhelming, No. By the time one pulls over to use the SmartPhone App, then hopefully without getting a citation from those eager beaver meter maids, and drive to your selected parking space according to the SmartPhone App, it will be consumed by another driver who happened to drive up to it without using the app.

In terms of the overhead information street signs for this absurd project, real smart thinking there everyone. While driving in downtown traffic, taking your eyes of the road for even a second is an almost guarantee to get into a fender bender. So requiring a persistent parking crusader to look up to see where the parking spaces is logically illogical (That is an enigmatic conundrum, way above your feeble political minds, so don’t try to understand).

Let us not forget that this parking system could and most likely will have an adverse effect against doing business in Downtown LA. Those that park on the streets are going to deter to shopping elsewhere and considering the fact that the parking lots available are not the best kept nor reasonably priced why would shopper want to start their days confused and frustrated over finding a spot then having to monitor what price they may pay for an hour of parking. There are plenty of malls around the Downtown LA area that have better merchandise and a more pleasant environment (i.e. lack of dirty bums begging, lack of constant street traffic next to parked vehicles and a lower rate a theft).

The only reason this system was put into place is because of Tony Villars lack of business experience in running a city. He was not educated well enough to manage a city like a business and therefore squandered the budget. His pure lack of any experience or logic has caused Los Angeles to be on the verge of bankruptcy and is currently in utter chaos and controversy.  This is not going to make parking easier, in turn it may reduce the sales taxes coming into the city by deterring shoppers. Way to go babbling bumbling moron, Tony Villar.


What are you going to do about parking downtown? What are you thoughts on this system?

PETA’s bid to free SeaWorld orcas may not get far –

Orca show at Sea World San Diego

Did I miss a jump in evolutionary theory or something: PETA’s bid to free Sea World orcas may not get far –

Call it ignorance or what may you, but to my knowledge the vast majority of PETA loonies are vegetarians or vegans. And from those kind I have personally known, they seem to be a little off their rocker. I presume the lack of true proteins from beef, poultry, fish and milk by products has corrupted the brains and intelligence of PETA participants. I am a proud member of PETA 2.0 (People for Eating Tasty Animals).

PETA is claiming that killer whales are in direct correspondence with the description of the 13th Amendment, claiming that animals are considered people and that they should not be held for slave labor to Sea World. Who cares if they are well fed, live in a clean water world environment away from the waste and sewage that plagues the oceans today.

13th Amendment: (Wikipedia)

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Definitions of conditions: (Wikipedia)


Refers to a person in “debt servitude,” or involuntary servitude tied to the payment of a debt. Compulsion to servitude includes the use of force, the threat of force, or the threat of legal coercion to compel a person to work against his or her will.

Involuntary servitude[15]

Refers to a person held by actual force, threats of force, or threats of legal coercion in a condition of slavery – compulsory service or labor against his or her will. This also includes the condition in which people are compelled to work against their will by a “climate of fear” evoked by the use of force, the threat of force, or the threat of legal coercion (i.e., suffer legal consequences unless compliant with demands made upon them) which is sufficient to compel service against a person’s will. The first U.S. Supreme Court case to uphold the ban against involuntary servitude was Bailey v. Alabama(1911).

Requiring specific performance as a remedy for breach of personal services contracts has been understood to be a form of involuntary servitude.[16]

Forced labor[17]Labor or service obtained by:

  • threats of serious harm or physical restraint;
  • any scheme, plan, or pattern intended to cause a person to believe they would suffer serious harm or physical restraint if they did not perform such labor or services:
  • the abuse or threatened abuse of law or the legal process.

So tell me where in there does it state that a person is classified as any living being, not just the 2 legged type?

It is ironic that PETA is for the ethical and humane treatment of animals, yet are fighting to get trained and dependent orcas released into the wild where they would most likely starve, since they are used to having their food hand delivered to them. Would it be more unethical to release these mammals into the wild to fend for themselves and almost certain demise, then to keep them in a safe environment where there is an abundance of food, clean water and a staff and veterinarians that care for them and their well being? That is like having a family pet dog with you for 5 years then kicking him out of the house to fend for himself on the streets.

The residing judge in this case had the foresight to know what would happen if this lawsuit goes to trial, and hopefully he does the right thing by dismissing the case before it gets into court. Because, if this does get to court, a flood gate would open allowing for numerous other lawsuits to be filed against zoos, policy and military K-9 units and quite possibly even family pets.

PETA members you have more important things to do, like go after poachers and the foreign countries that kill dogs and cats by the hundreds each day for human consumption. While you are at please eat at least the protein from animal meats that are humanly slaughtered to build up the brain power to increase your double digit IQ’s so you will learn what the difference is between a “person” and an “animal”.

No Visa, No License, Towing not our problem

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...

LAPD is now encouraging illegal driving: No Visa, No License, No Towing: LAPD Changes Its Policy | Fox News Latino.

Please, remind me again what the old adage was about driving in the United States of America? Oh that is right, receiving one’s drivers license and driving is, or shall I emphasize, was a privilege not a right. Receiving in the mail that brand new shiny piece of plastic, with one’s ugly mug shot and all of the information needed to steal someones identity imbedded on the face of it, was the epitome of turning 16 years old. Currently in the state of California, teenagers along with the parents, have to deal with the burden of the law which now does not allow a teenage to acquire a full drivers license until they turn 18 years of age. But, that only applies to legal citizens of the state.

Our good ol’ LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck is “easing” the policy of impounding vehicles in which the driver is unlicensed. His mentality is that it is the right thing to do, that he has to keep it fair for all drivers and keep the roads safe. This police chief is as narcissistic as the politicians that run this run-down bankruptcy bound state of ours. This so called officer of the “law” made a statement in which should raise questions on his competency Continue reading

Do you think US courts should allow the use of other countries laws?

Colorized image of US President Theodore Roose...

Image via Wikipedia

Let’s just bow down to Islam and hand over our country: Appeals court affirms order blocking Oklahoma sharia law ban –

I am not sure if my comprehension of what this article is implying, but when the hell did it become expected for the United States court of law, to honor and take into consideration the laws of other countries. Anyone who believes that the United States should consider the law of another land during a court hearing should be either slapped upside the head and explained in length that this is the United States of America, or kicked out of the country for refusing to follow our laws and our legal system.  We have our own laws and own regulations, we do not bring together law and religion and we do not, nor will not honor or consider any other nations law. How dare these Muslims come to our country and expect us to consider the law of their land. Last time I checked, they were living in our country, therefore they must respect our laws and our constitution and should not expect the laws of their land to apply to any legal matters they will deal with in the United States justice system. Newsflash Muslims, anti-sharia laws are not unconstitutional, since this is the United States of America, the laws that are governed through sharia do not apply within any court of law within our borders.  If you don’t agree with that then, oh well that is not our problem.  I guess you will have to deal with our laws Continue reading