Los Angeles Moron Tony Villar’s endorsement of parking


Parking In Downtown LA: LA Express Park Will Alter Parking Rates Based On Demand (VIDEOS).

The moronic manaicle mayor of Los Angeles, Tony Villar, has no common logistical sense what-so-ever.  A parking system that uses overhead displays on the streets and SmartPhone Apps to tell drivers where nearest parking spaces are, in the already condensed chaos of confusion called Downtown LA is simply stupid. They want to get rid of all distractions while us drivers are behind the wheel, yet they are so densely consumed by their own greed that even though you should not be driving while distracted it is ok in this instance since the city wants to make more money for the numerous corruption projects that they have going.

Oh wait, according to the moron mayor, instead of using your SmartPhone Parking System App while driving he says to pull over and use it to find the best parking space. Tony Villar you truly are an ignorant unqualified excuse for a suit. We all know you do not drive yourself around town and have no worries finding a parking space, but have you ever tried driving downtown during rush hour or on a busy weekend, let alone try to pull over and stop if you are attempting to find something. The answer to that, is most likely an overwhelming, No. By the time one pulls over to use the SmartPhone App, then hopefully without getting a citation from those eager beaver meter maids, and drive to your selected parking space according to the SmartPhone App, it will be consumed by another driver who happened to drive up to it without using the app.

In terms of the overhead information street signs for this absurd project, real smart thinking there everyone. While driving in downtown traffic, taking your eyes of the road for even a second is an almost guarantee to get into a fender bender. So requiring a persistent parking crusader to look up to see where the parking spaces is logically illogical (That is an enigmatic conundrum, way above your feeble political minds, so don’t try to understand).

Let us not forget that this parking system could and most likely will have an adverse effect against doing business in Downtown LA. Those that park on the streets are going to deter to shopping elsewhere and considering the fact that the parking lots available are not the best kept nor reasonably priced why would shopper want to start their days confused and frustrated over finding a spot then having to monitor what price they may pay for an hour of parking. There are plenty of malls around the Downtown LA area that have better merchandise and a more pleasant environment (i.e. lack of dirty bums begging, lack of constant street traffic next to parked vehicles and a lower rate a theft).

The only reason this system was put into place is because of Tony Villars lack of business experience in running a city. He was not educated well enough to manage a city like a business and therefore squandered the budget. His pure lack of any experience or logic has caused Los Angeles to be on the verge of bankruptcy and is currently in utter chaos and controversy.  This is not going to make parking easier, in turn it may reduce the sales taxes coming into the city by deterring shoppers. Way to go babbling bumbling moron, Tony Villar.


What are you going to do about parking downtown? What are you thoughts on this system?


2012 New Year’s Resolutions – #3 Employ America

poster anouncing employment opportunities in c...

Employ America and Offer Incentives for doing so

In America today, jobs are scarce and salaries are ridiculously low. Many US employers use the excuse that Americans do not want to do the jobs they are offering or believe, in their delusional minds, that Americans are not qualified enough to do the job. So what do these employers do? They inconvenience us Americans by giving jobs to foreigners, who lack two essential skills to handle the American public. Without these skills customer support has decreased and their ratings have dropped extensively, yet companies do not care as long as they are making more money by not paying American workers to do the jobs. Not to mention, they are also opening up avenues of national security breaches.

The first skill is the general lack of English-speaking skills to both speak to an American citizen and to comprehend what the average American citizen is saying. George W. Bush Junior once said that foreigners, particularly Middle Easterners spoke perfectly good English. To him of course they did, he is illiterate himself and does not speak proper English himself. To me however, and almost all other American citizens, could not nor cannot understand what these foreigners are saying in their pathetic attempt at the English language. I cannot count how many times I have asked someone from a call-center Continue reading

Housing to Non-American citizens

English: Charles Schumer, United States Senato...

US Idiot

This article pissed the hell out of me: Buy a house get a visa? – MSN Real Estate.

So here we have two US Senators, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who think by giving free visas to foreigners who spend at least $500,000 on US real estate, will boost the economy. But wait, do we not have US citizens that want to live the American dream? How on earth would this brain-dead scheme boost the housing market?

Think about this for a second:

Foreigners learn about this great easy way to get into the US (easy access to terrorists anyone?), they start buying real estate. Once homeowners realize that they can sell their residences and run down commercial businesses for exorbitant amounts of money to foreigners, the housing market would sky-rocket due to inflated prices. Continue reading