2012 New Year’s Resolution – #1: The United States, the one and only priority

United (States) Parcel Service.

Well here we are, one day away from New Year‘s eve and I am ashamed, I am prejudice and I am angered. Why you ask? Well I will tell you why. I live in a country that once cared about its citizens, they once wanted their people to succeed and to thrive and they put our country, the United States, first and foremost. We had leaders who strived to preserve the integrity of our great nation and preserve the core beliefs for which this country was built upon. The United States put its country and citizens first.

I can only fathom the responses to what is about to spew from the hole in my face that sometimes I cannot control. Yet I am pleased and eager to proceed with what is about to be said. (Deep cleansing breath, inhale… exhale…) Over the course of a few years, we as Americans have seen destruction and devastation across the globe. Just to name a few, the earthquake in Japan, famine and riots in Somalia and well I don’t really care about those other countries. Natural disasters happen almost every year and every time one happens, take a wild and obvious guess on who is there to send aid, whether is be monetary or nutritional, to these devastated regions of the globe. If you guessed, our country the United States then you are as smart as I thought you were. We, here, do not have many natural disasters, at least of large magnitudes, but the last one we had devastated our southern border states with a courtesy ravaging by Hurricane Katrina. Again take a guess on who gave us aidContinue reading


2012 New Year’s Resolutions – #3 Employ America

poster anouncing employment opportunities in c...

Employ America and Offer Incentives for doing so

In America today, jobs are scarce and salaries are ridiculously low. Many US employers use the excuse that Americans do not want to do the jobs they are offering or believe, in their delusional minds, that Americans are not qualified enough to do the job. So what do these employers do? They inconvenience us Americans by giving jobs to foreigners, who lack two essential skills to handle the American public. Without these skills customer support has decreased and their ratings have dropped extensively, yet companies do not care as long as they are making more money by not paying American workers to do the jobs. Not to mention, they are also opening up avenues of national security breaches.

The first skill is the general lack of English-speaking skills to both speak to an American citizen and to comprehend what the average American citizen is saying. George W. Bush Junior once said that foreigners, particularly Middle Easterners spoke perfectly good English. To him of course they did, he is illiterate himself and does not speak proper English himself. To me however, and almost all other American citizens, could not nor cannot understand what these foreigners are saying in their pathetic attempt at the English language. I cannot count how many times I have asked someone from a call-center Continue reading